Aiyana Lewis – Biography, Family Life, Everything You Need To Know

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With the coming of the internet and especially social media, new wealth opportunities have been created. A lot of people in the 21st century are living large and gaining increasing fame just by working through social media. Among this newly created opportunities are social media influencers, social media models, internet fitness experts among various others. Currently, we are no longer only conversant with runway models as a new category of models has emanated in the form of social media models. One of them is the subject of this article – Aiyana Lewis.

Aiyana is an Instagram personality that is best known as a top-notch model who models for big brands such as the fashion line, Dior. She has garnered over 450k followers on Instagram since she began posting on her page in 2014. She is also very active on other social media accounts such as Quora, Twitter, LinkedIn and so on. Aside from her modeling career, there is much more to know about the Atlanta born celebrity. Read on…

Aiyana Lewis’ Biography

Aiyana Lewis was born in Atlanta, Georgia on May 26, 1997. Her parents and siblings are unknown. The elementary, high school or college she attended – if indeed she did attend any – is also not known. Currently, she is a social media model who is very popular on Instagram. Her popularity is evident in the thousands of followers she has garnered. She has modeled for a lot of brand names, with her biggest and most popular work been her work with the French-based fashion design house, Dior.

Family Life

Aiyana Lewis has not disclosed any information about her family so it is impossible to know if she followed the path of any of her parents. The identity and occupations of her parents have not been revealed or discovered. Also, nothing has been revealed about Aiyana’s siblings especially by her during interviews, on her YouTube channel or on Instagram. This may be because she doesn’t have any, but there is no way we can no that for sure either.

Here Is Everything You Need To Know About Aiyana Lewis

Is She Married?

Aiyana Lewis is currently in a relationship and it seems to be a happy one. Like every human, she has reached a point in her life where she recognizes the need for love, affection, and romance. Sadly, the young model has not revealed much about her lover. His name is not known, neither is his occupation. It is also not known when the two met or when they began dating.

She, however, posts loved-up pictures of both of them on her Instagram page as well as on videos through her YouTube channel. From the looks of things, it would seem that the couple enjoys each other’s company. Also, no scandals or controversies have emanated from the relationship so far.

Net Worth

Most models make thousands of dollars by using their bodies to advertise certain products and services and Aiyana Lewis is one such. She makes quite a lot by being a hardworking and consistent model. Her beauty and body had attracted the likes of Dior and other popular brands and that would only translate to lots of cash in the bank for her.


A model in the US earns about 42,000 dollars yearly. For someone who works for a super brand like Dior is expected to earn much more. It comes as no surprise that such a big brand pays its average models about $65,000 and above. After statistical analysis, it was found that in 2018, Aiyana was estimated to be worth between $500,000 and $1 million, however, in 2019, she experienced an enormous surge in her earning which meant an increase in her net worth. Currently, her net worth far exceeds its previous estimation but is under review (even though some sites puts it at between $1-10 million).

Height and Measurements

To be able to model for top brands, a model must have a very appealing body structure and indeed Aiyana Lewis does. Her curvaceous body can be seen on display with the pictures and videos she posts on various social media platforms. Aiyana is a pretty young lady with beautiful features. She, however, has not put out details of her body to the public. Her height, weight, bust, waist and hip sizes and measurements are currently not known.

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