Alabama Barker Biography, Facts, Family Life and Other Facts To Know

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While some are born famous, some achieve fame and others have fame thrust upon them. Alabama Barker is among those who didn’t have to struggle to become a celebrity, all she has to do is to stay relevant and sustain the attention she started receiving right from the moment she was welcomed to earth.

People started anticipating that Bama would rule the world of entertainment and thrive in show business even before she was birthed. Has she been living up to the expectations? Here are the facts of her life.

Alabama Barker Biography

Born on the 24th day of December 2005 and named Alabama Luella Barker, the celebrity kid was only a few months old when she earned the status of a reality star. As she was born while the second series of the MTV show (Meet the Barkers) that followed the everyday life of her family was in production, it was only natural that Alabama became a subject of special interest for the followers of the show. She eventually appeared in the last episode of the reality series.

Living beyond the popularity of her parents, Alabama made of herself a social media sensation even before she became a teenager. She is working towards building a career in the respective profession her parents are known for – singing, acting, and even modeling.

In order to remain relevant while she prepares herself for the entertainment industry, Alabama created a YouTube channel where she posts Question & Answer videos, makeup videos as well as videos of her cover of popular songs of superstar musicians. Sometime towards the end of 2017, she shared the official music video of her first single, Our House on the channel.

Alabama Barker’s Family Life

True, you will learn a lot about the family life of Travis Barker’s daughter from the aforementioned MTV’s reality tv series which aired for two seasons from April 2005 to February 2006. The series directed by Alan Finn and Cameron Glendenning dedicatedly followed the day to day family life of Travis Barker, the Blink-183 rock band drummer and his then model cum actress wife, .

As the series essentially revolved around the Travis-Shanna marriage, people got to know more than they would have known about the Barker family. Beyond Travis and Shanna, Meet the Barkers spotlighted people like Atiana Cecelia de la Hoya, Landon Asher Barker and of course, Alabama Barker.

Through the reality series, one would figure out that Landon is the first child (son) that the Travis-Shanna union produced. In view of that, no one would need a soothsayer to tell that the bloke born on the 9th of October 2003 is Alabama’s older sibling. In addition to that, you would deduce from the reality series that Landon isn’t Alabama’s only sibling; that Atiana is her older half-sister and the daughter from the romantic affair between Moakler and ex-professional boxer Oscar De La Hoya.

While you will learn all these things from the reality series and possibly more, there are certain things you would never get to learn about Alabama Barker’s family life from Meet the Barkers. One of such things is the dramatic on and off relationship her parents had before they eventually got divorced sometime in February 2008. What this means is that Alabama was barely two years when her parents decided that they can no longer exist as man and wife.

Also, you may never get to know that Alabama’s mum was not her father’s first wife from watching the series. Travis only married Shanna Moakler after his marriage to Melissa Kennedy collapsed within 8 months it kicked off. Although the divorce process of the Travis-Shanna marriage got the partners fighting dirty to the point of once being arrested, it is widely believed that the ex-lovers have come to terms with the way things are between them. They abandoned their custody brawl, opting for regarding each other respectfully and co-parenting their kids.


Other Facts To Know About Bama

1. She was once criticized for behaving like an adult by in one of his YouTube videos, as RiceGum’s comments triggered a lot of negative comments directed at Bama, her parents came for  RiceGum in defense of their cutie.

2. Bama is still a lass, stop searching for her body measurements;

3. She created her Alabama Barker YouTube channel on May 7, 2016. The channel has almost 73,000 subscribers and has received about 5 million views as at the time of this report.

4. Alabama name came from the Alabama Withman character in the movie True Romance. The character was portrayed by Patricia Arquette in the 1993 romantic crime comedy film.

5. She has almost 300,000 followers on Instagram when this report was put together.

6. Her mom won the Miss New York USA pageant in 1995.

7. Bama’s dad was involved in a plane crash in September 2008. She was yet to reach 3 years of age then but  she predicted the accident as she was unusually frantic about him leaving the house.

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