Alexandre De Meyer – Bio And Facts About Danielle Colby’s Husband

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Many celebrities today have come to be in the limelight as a result of their relationship with a popular figure, especially through marriage. French graphic design artist Alexandre De Meyer is one of such. His wife is a well-known personality on television and after his marriage to her, he was immediately propelled to fame. De Meyer’s wife Danielle is a burlesque dancer/teacher and co-host of the reality show “American Pickers”. Alexander himself is well known in the graphics designing world and is popular for creating the blueprints design in the “Michelin Museum” in France and other designs for various structures.

Alexandre De Meyer Biography

Alexandre De Meyer was born in France (Voiron) where he grew up alongside his sister. While growing up, Meyer picked interest in graphic designing. He had a creative streak and was willing to explore this side of his personality. Because of the love he had for digital art as a creative outlet, he went to college to study graphic design. Meyer met Danielle in the year 2011 when he created a unique logo for Danielle’s boutique with the name “4 Miles 2 Memphis”. That business encounter would soon blossom into something more.

The pair dated discreetly for some years before finally getting married on the 14th of February 2015. The wedding was attended by family and close friends. Although he came into the public eye due to his relationship with his now ex-wife, he has since made a name for himself, especially in the graphic design world.


After several years of garnering experience, Alexandre De Meyer decided to launch into his graphic design career full time. He opened his printing shop in Chicago and began by creating artworks, designing postcards, stickers, posters, logos, merch designs, T-shirts and cover artwork. The uniqueness of his creative works made him popular. He further launched his career by opening a website creating and designing under the name “Neuf Vies” which further increased his popularity and business on the internet.

One of his greatest work hangs in “Michelin Museum”. It is an extraordinary design in blueprints. Alexandre De Meyer has subsequently done some designs for different structures, and worked for a screenprint workshop “Going Blind”. Alexandre’s designs are inspired by American tattoos in the 1960-70s traditional movies. This has helped him develop his unique design with a mixture of digital and traditional techniques.

Facts About Danielle Colby’s Husband

Net Worth

Alexandre has become one of the bigwigs in the fashion and graphic designing world. While his actual earnings are unknown, he does earn a lot from his artworks and designs. Alexandre De Meyer’s net worth has been estimated to be about $2 million.

Relationship With Ex-Wife Danielle Colby

The pair met in the year 2011 when Alexandre De Meyer designed the logo for Danielle’s Retro Boutique. Danielle was still with her former husband (Kevin Colby) with whom she had 2 children as at the time, but their relationship became strained because fame and popularity were difficult for her husband Kevin to handle. She began dating Alexandre after her divorce and then married him.

Their relationship and subsequent marriage although short-lived have been a blessing in more ways than one for Meyer.

Although very talented, it was his association with Danielle that gave him the publicity he needed to make it in his career. Moreover, being a French citizen, Alexandre De Meyer’s marriage to Danielle also helped him secure his American nationalization (Green Card). Following this, Danielle excitedly shared a photo of herself with Meyer thanking the American immigration department for their support.

While their marriage lasted, they seem to have had a loving relationship judging from posts and pictures put up by Danielle on social media as Alexandre isn’t present on social media. The reason for their split is unknown but Danielle has since moved on. She is now in a live-in relationship with Jeremy Scheuch.

Private Life

Alexandre De Meyer is a private person and as such has been accused of being secretive. This is obvious from his non-existence on social media. He has an Instagram account where he shares his artwork, however, he makes sure to be careful not to post any family or personal details on the account. During his marriage with Danielle, she shared pictures of them on her page and somehow kept the public in “the know” about Alexandre’s life. This might be one of the reasons why much has not been heard from him since their breakup. It’s uncertain if he is currently dating anyone.

His Love For Tattoos

Most of Alexandre De Meyer’s artworks and designs are inspired by tattoos. He has several tattoos all over his body. This might have been one of the things that attracted him to his ex-wife (Danielle) as she is as well a fellow tattoo lover, sporting lots of tattoos all over her body as well.

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