All You Need To Know About Matt Watson – The YouTube Star

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Even though it is relatively easier to start a career as a YouTuber/vlogger than it is to start an offline job, there is still stiff competition within content niches for followers and views. Matt Watson did not start his own vlogging story in a conventional manner – creating his own channel. Instead, he took some time to learn the ropes of the game by working for the veteran Youtube star .

Matt is an online content editor, producer, director, and actor. He has also worked on some popular videos like Markiplier’s Mini Sketch Montage and Subnautica, both in 2015; and Minions Movie Focus Testing the following year.

The man from Charleston, South Carolina was born on February 5, 1996. Nothing is known about his high school or college education or if he even went at all. There is also no verifiable information about members of his family.

Matt Watson’s Time with Mark “Markiplier” Fischbach

Matt’s first responsibility as a budding YouTuber was as a video content editor for Markiplier. It was in one of the YouTube veteran’s video that Matt first appeared on-screen. Since then he has worked in different capacities – and sometimes in dual roles on a myriad of projects for his personal channels and as a third party.

Some of his earliest documented works came in 2015. The year proved to be a very busy one for Matt Watson. He served as producer, writer, and editor for Markiplier’s Mini Sketch Montage. The series ran for only two episodes and starred Markiplier himself, Matt, and fellow YouTuber Ryan Magee. The series was basically a collection of hilarious sketches.

Matt Watson went on to fulfill these same roles for multiple productions including “Moving Forward Together”, “Photobooth + Ice Bath Challenge”, and “Minions Movie Focus Testing”. In all these, he continued to work with Markiplier and Magee.

The following year saw him appear in an episode each of “Vlog brothers” and “Hot Pepper Game Reviews” as himself. One of his best editing work came with Markiplier’s “The Last Stand” series. He also proved his editing prowess in a plethora of episodes for “Boogeyman”, “Subnautica”, and “Would You Rather?”, and “Will You Press the Button?”.

His Time With Cyndago and Game Grumps

While he was doing his thing mostly behind the scene, Matt joined forces with fellow YouTube talents Ryan Magee and as the third member and editor of their YouTube channel, Cyndago. He met them through Markiplier and joined them in August 2015. Sadly, this venture did not last for long after he joined. In September 2015, founding member, Daniel Kyre committed suicide and this marked the end of Cyndago. The channel was retired on October 11, 2015, after Ryan and Matt Watson posted the final video as a tribute to Daniel’s life.

Meanwhile, Mark, Ryan, and Matt continued their working relationship, putting out contents for their viewers. However, by mid-2016, things had come to a head. No longer able to separate their working relationship from their friendship, Matt and Ryan decided to quit working for Mark.

The duo then moved on to work with the Polaris-based gaming show Game Grumps. It was here that Matt Watson handled his most extensive editing project. From mid-2016 to sometime in 2017, Watson worked on the Game Grumps gaming show, editing some 320 even episodes.

This also paved way for the duo to start their own gaming channel which they called Supermega. This was not their first venture together, however. In 2014, before he joined Cyndago, Matt had launched a comedy channel called Kids w/Problems with Ryan joining him later. The channel went on a long hiatus in February 2016 but not before featuring a few YouTube heavyweights like Markiplier, Brooke Lawson and their late friend Daniel Kyre. The channel is known for popular videos like “Chrystal Meth!”, “Best Anime Dance Ever”, and “The Tumblr Song”.


Other Facts About The YouTube Star

While still working with Mark, Matt appeared in one of Mark’s live-action episodes titled “Bean Boozled Challenge w/ Ninja Brian”. It was during the episode that Watson revealed that he had emetophobia, a fear of vomiting.

As a kid, when he didn’t really know what he was doing, Matt Watson created his first YouTube channel “formatt24”. It did not take off though.

Arguably, Matt’s most successful appearance for Markiplier is on his “Surgeon Simulator IN REAL LIFE” episode.

As evidenced by pictures on his social media accounts, Watson is an animal lover. He frequently posts pictures of himself and his cat which he named Banana Rambo.

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