Alyssa Germeroth: Everything To Know About The Pro Athlete

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One’s health has often been regarded as one’s wealth and this belief has proven to be a truism. Health is an essential part of a human being’s existence little wonder why more emphasis is given to keeping the body fit and well. So many have invested their time in keeping the body fit and healthy and teaching others how to do that. These set of people are called fitness experts or gurus. Alyssa Germeroth is one person who falls into this category.

Germeroth is a professional fitness trainer, a bikini model, an athlete and a former porn actress who goes by the porn-nickname Haley Ryder. She has also built up her account on Instagram to the extent where she has become a social media star. Like most bikini models, she is part of the International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB). Alyssa has competed in several fitness modeling competitions such as  IFBB MuscleContest Pro Bikini, NPC 2015 season and so on. Alyssa has also won the aforementioned championships. She is a part of Team Flawless Physique.

In addition to being a fitness expert, Alyssa is a personal trainer and uploads her videos on her Instagram page. She has also been seen in pictures with a fellow gym instructor, Felicia Romero. Let us take a closer look into the life of this celebrity.

Bio and Everything To Know About The Pro Athlete

Alyssa Germeroth was born in Scottsdale, Arizona. The identity of her father is unknown, so is his occupation. However, her mother’s identity is known and she goes by the name, Jeanne Woodward. Alyssa was given birth to on June 8, 1988, and was also raised in Scottsdale alongside her only known sibling, Krista Germeroth. She was not only born there but she also grew up there. Her hobbies as a child included ski or springboard diving and gymnastics.

It was found that as early as age 3, Alyssa had begun to get involved with some of the aforementioned sports. She attended the Horizon High School and later went to Arizona State University where she graduated with a degree in Kinesiology. Kinesiologists apply their skills in various aspects of human health such as orthopedics, biomechanics, sport psychology, method of rehabilitation among others.

Most times, the courses people study at the university do not determine their career choice or path. This is the same case with Alyssa Germeroth. There are no records that she practiced Kinesiology or anything related, however, it might have rubbed off on her decision to be a fitness expert and model as it relates to the human body/health.

When she left high school, she took up another line of interest: yoga. Currently, she is a certified yoga instructor. However, she is not popular for being a yoga expert, but for being a fitness instructor. She became a fitness athlete in 2015. Prior to that, she was a porn star who began working at PornHub in 2014. Research reveals that she has over 190 pornographic videos on the site and is ranked among the top 300 popular porn stars.

Although Alyssa Germeroth had thousands of subscribers and a lot of followers as a porn star, it cannot be compared to the level of popularity and success she has recorded as a fitness athlete. She competed in her first fitness competition in 2015 – the National Physique Committee (NPC) seasonal competition. Amazingly, she won her first competition with her boldness and stealth. Not only did she win, but she also came home with three Absolute Champion titles.

This success prompted and encouraged her to compete in other championships and tournaments. One of which was the 2015 NPC Nationals where she won the Bikini Overall competition. This win was her ticket to being the next big star on the block. With this win, she became an International Federation of BodyBuilding & Fitness (IFBB) Pro. In 2016, Alyssa competed in her first championship as an IFBB Pro and as expected, she won her Pro debut, which qualified her for the 2016 Ms. Bikini Olympia competition.


Asides competing, Alyssa Germeroth takes her work online and provides personal training and coaching for those interested in a fit body through her Instagram account. This has garnered her over 100,000 followers.

Boyfriend or Husband

Love is definitely a beautiful thing, but not everyone is fortunate enough to find it or find it early. The latter may be the case of our celebrity subject, Alyssa Germeroth. She has no record or history of being in any sort of romantic relationship, either heterosexual or homosexual. Also, it may just be that she prefers to keep her private life, very personal, as there is no such information provided on the internet.

Alyssa Germeroth’s Net Worth

With her number of wins and increasing success, it is expected that Alyssa Germeroth would have a good salary and an impressive net worth too. Unfortunately, it is not certain how much she makes as salary in a month or in a year neither is her net worth known. Recent information reveals that her net worth is still under review.

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