Alyssa Milano Filmography, Movies List and TV Shows From Best To Worst

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Beginning with stage acting at the age of 8, Alyssa Milano soon got into screen acting and is best known for her role in the TV series Who Is The Boss? where she played the role of a tomboyish young girl. Her career kicked off in the early 1980s and other movies and series she has featured in include Charmed, My Name Is Earl, Mistresses, Insatiable and Wet Hot American Summer: 10 Years Later. Even though she would not be called an iconic actress at the moment, Alyssa Milano has, however, had some good movies to her credit.

This Italian-American actress is best known for her works on television than on the big screen. Talented in several ways, she was also a successful musician while she currently works as a producer and also an activist. Her life has impacted on many in several ways and acting is one of them. Her spot-on interpretation of roles has left the audience stunned, intrigued and entertained. Throughout her career, she has featured in more than a handful of movies and TV shows, some of which were successful and others not so much. This article seeks to explore the best to the worst of Alyssa Milano filmography – movies and television shows

Alyssa Milano Filmography – Best To Worst Movies and TV Shows

Commando (1985)

This is arguably the best movie out of Alyssa Milano filmography. This action film was written by Steven Souza and directed by Mark Lester. One of the most popular movies of the all-time favorite actor, , Commando remains a classic. Its cast included the likes of Rae Dawn Chong, Vernon Wells, and James Olson.

Matrix, the protagonist lives a quiet life with his young daughter until she is kidnapped by a criminal who wants to kill his president and take over. The villain intends to use Matrix to eliminate the head of state else he would harm his only child. Critically, this movie was a success with positive reviews outweighing the negative. It was also considered a commercial success at it ranked 7th on the list of highest-grossing movies in 1985. Against a budget on $10 million, it grossed $57 million at the box office. As for audience perceptions, Rotten Tomatoes recorded a 67% audience approval rating. The movie fared well on IMDb too with a 6.7-star rating.

Fear (1996)

Another successful movie that we can pick from Alyssa Milano’s filmography among all other is this psychological thriller Fear. The movie was written by Christopher Crowe and directed by James Foley. It was both the favorite of audience and critics worldwide. Working alongside Alyssa Milano were stars like Amy Brenneman, , , and William Petersen.

The plot tells a story of a teenage Nicole who falls in love with a guy much older than her. This young man also charms his way into the hearts of her family except for her father. Her father’s doubt will come to light when they realize that David is a psychopath who sees Nicole as his possession. The movie was initially met with sloppy commercial success but later became a sleeper hit as it grossed $20 million at the box office worldwide.

In addition to its commercial success, the movie was also a success with critics acclaim. It received a lot of positive feedback and reviews. On Rotten Tomatoes, it was recorded that the audience was also in favor of the film with 63% rating while it received a 6.2 out of 10 stars rating on IMDb.

Wisegal (2008)

The year 2008 saw a lot of good movies and one of them was this crime drama film written and directed by Shelley Evans and Jerry Ciccoritti. Appearing as cast alongside Alyssa Milano was and Jason Gedrick. Wisegal was a critical success even though its commercial viability is unknown.

The movie is centered on the life of a widowed mother of three, Patty Montanari (Alyssa Milano). Like every good mother, she tries to support her children and did this by selling contraband cigarettes. She soon gets involved in the crime world as she builds romantic ties with a local monster, Frank Russo. In addition to its positive reviews, the movie was also warmly received by the audience. On the popular movie rating site, Rotten Tomatoes, it scored 62% on audience approval rating and 6.2 stars on IMDb.

Hall Pass (2011)

This romance and comedy film was written by Bobby & Peter Farrelly, Pete Jones and Kevin Barnett and directed by the former duo. The movie featured the likes of , Jason Sudeikis, , , , and as cast.

The story is centered on the lives of two friends, Rick and Fred who share a lot in common even the fact that they have been married for a while. They began showing signs of restlessness to their wives, causing the women to devise a plan to put their marriages back on track. They decide to give the men one-week hall pass, during which they can do whatever they want, no questions asked.

This funny, goofy and hilarious movie recorded a fairly reasonable amount of success critically and commercially. A large percentage of the critics gave positive remarks on the film. Audience reception of the film was low with a 40% rating on Rotten Tomatoes and 5.8 stars on IMDb. However, it fared better at the box office as it raked in $83 million.

Deadly Sins (1995)

Created to be a slasher film or a sub-genre horror movie, Deadly Sins is one of the below-average movies in Alyssa Milano’s filmography. It was written by Malcolm Barbour and John Langley and was directed by Michael Robinson. It starred Hollywood stars such as David Keith, Terry David Mulligan, and Corrie Clark.

This film captures mysterious deaths making the rounds in a Catholic School. The newly arrived Sherrif tries to uncover the mystery and employs the help of a history school teacher (Alyssa Milano) who works at the school. The movie’s box office success or failure remains uncertain until this time. It had slightly below average ratings and only a hand full of positive critical remarks. On IMDb, it managed to earn 4.8 stars whereas it hit 44% on audience approval ratings on Rotten Tomatoes.

Kiss The Bride (2002)

One of the poor role selections of Alyssa Milano is seen with her performance in this movie. The 2002 film was written and directed by Vanessa Parise and won no know awards as well as being a critical failure as reviews read poorly about the romantic drama. It featured stars such as Amanda Detmer, Sean Patrick Flanery, Brooke Langton, Monet Mazur, and Vanessa Parise.

The movie was set in Westerly, Rhode Island, tells the story of an Italian family who is plagued with sibling rivalry. The three siblings try to flaunt their success at each other’s face – all to their peril. In addition to being a critical failure, it is was also coldly received by the audience. The audience on Rotten Tomatoes gave it a 41% rating while those on IMDb rated it 5.4 stars.

Public Enemies (1996)

Sadly, this was one of the inferior imitations of one of 1990s classic, Ma Baker. It is a drama thriller which was written by the filmmaker, C. Courtney Joyner and directed by American scriptwriter, Mark L. Lester. Its cast, other than Alyssa Milano, includes Theresa Russell and Eric Roberts.

Motherly love meets bank heist. The story is drawn from the Ma Barker story, where a woman and her three sons staged robberies, shot people and became most wanted by the authorities. The movie had poor critical acclaim. Its audience ratings are regarded as poor based on the 45% rating it got on Rotten Tomatoes and the 3.8 star rating it got on IMDb.

Pathology (2008)

Pathology was a pathetic depiction of a crime thriller. Despite the fact that it featured the likes of Lauren Lee Smith, Dan Callahan, Michael Weston, Johnny Whitworth, and Keir O’Donnell, it was still a major flop commercially and critically. The movie was scripted by  Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor and directed by Marc Schölermann.

It tells a story of a group of pathologists who have become psychotic as they enjoy murdering people. A new member is invited to their elite circle only for him to discover their dirty secret. The film did not recover its $8 million budget as it only grossed $3 million at the box office. Critically, it failed to impress the reviews and audience. On Rotten Tomatoes, it received an abysmal rating of 39% based on audience assessment. Its iMDb rating was slightly higher with a rating of 6 stars out of 10.

Speed Zone (1989)

Listed as part of the dark movies in Alyssa Milano’s filmography, Speed Zone wasn’t much of a success at the movie markets. This American comedy, scripted by Michael Short and directed by Jim Drake, starred Melody Anderson, Peter Boyle, , , , and Tim Matheson – alongside Alyssa Milano.

The plot is centered around an illegal cross racing business that a police chief wants to put an end to it but is inhibited by some people. According to many of the critics, it is a silly excuse for comedy as one critic rightly stated that nothing about car racing or police car chasing is funny. Obviously, the audience shared the same view as it did woefully at the box office, grossing $3 million against a budget of $18 million. Its audience approval rating on Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb are 38% and 4.4 stars respectively.

Double Dragon (1994)

Double Dragon is probably the worst movie we have seen Alyssa Milano appear in. It was a colossal failure at the box office and also turned off critics and a worldwide audience. It was written by Michael Davis and Peter Gould and directed by James Yukich.

The movie centers around two young men who are saddled with the responsibility of protecting their master from an evil overload which seeks to possess a very important dragon medallion. The producers brought in stars such as Robert Patrick, Mark Dacascos, , and Julia Nickson to execute the film but it failed to realize up to its budget of $7.8 million (as it grossed only $2.8 million) at the box office. Audience ratings of it were also very poor. On Rotten Tomatoes, it recorded a 26% audience approval rating and a 3.7-star rating on IMDb.

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