Amanda Elise Lee Biography, Age, Height And Other Facts To Know About Her

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The body is one of the greatest assets of humans and in this era, some people make a decent living by eating healthy and working out in order to enhance their physique like the gorgeous fitness model Amanda Elise Lee who has turned into a social media sensation for posting exercise videos on Instagram.

Amanda Elise Lee Biography: Age

The fitness personnel was born on 13th December 1986 in Canada and she is said to be the second child among five children born to her parents. The fruit definitely does not fall far from the tree which is the case of Amanda whose mother was passionate about fitness and had a job as a personal trainer and gym instructor which made it quite easy for the young Amanda to imbibe the habit of eating and living healthy.

In high school, the fitness model revealed that she was very skinny and this made her self-conscious about her looks. Hence, she started working out earnestly in the gym. This really boosted her morale as she saw visible results as her body began to take shape. Later on, in Sarah Lawrence College where she studied Modern Dance, Amanda experimented on different types of body training plans and as she was encouraged by her mother, she became a fitness fanatic in no time. As at that time, she also started uploading pictures of her self on social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook with the help of her mother who would always be available to serve as her photographer.


Her Rise To Fame

As the fitness model kept uploading pictures, her fan base increased as she began accumulating a lot of curious followers but sources have it that her big break came when a famous dancer stumbled on her post and tagged it, saying she had an amazing body. This comment opened a window and mindset of possibility for the fitness model as she now saw a channel by which she can sell her fitness ideas to millions of people all over the world. As her followers rose above 100,000, she started receiving payment for her posts and clothing brands were attracted to her which made her start advertising fitness outfits alongside products. She also began making full work out sessions on how to tone different body parts and released eBooks as well.

The fitness star also believes that her rise to fame was due to her lower body workouts which she does religiously. Her glutes which is one of her enhanced body features is a product of a rigorous workout she does twice a week. She also trains her thighs by doing squats, lunges, leg raises and step-ups to maintain the toned muscles she had built. She also reveals that she does rotate her workout regime by tagging them “heavy day,”  which is a routine she does that involves squats, leg presses and walking lunges alongside using weights. Her other routine is tagged  “lighter day”  which involves a cardio centred workout for the lower body like: step-ups, side-to-side steps, frog jumps and jumping lunges which is her favorite workout.

Height & Body Measurements Of This Fitness Model

One can not talk about fitness models without giving details about their physiques which include their height and juicy details about their body measurements. For the fitness star, Amanda Elise Lee, her fans have persistently bugged her to release her measurements which she has shared and they are listed below:

Height:  Approximately 5 ft 9 inches or 175 cm

Weight: Approximately 56 kg or 125 lbs

Bust: 34 inches

Waist: 22 inches

Hip: 38 inches

Hair Color: Blonde

Implants: She is said to have enhanced her breast.

Body Type: Athletic and sexy


Other Facts To Know About Amanda Elise Lee

Other facts worth knowing about this Canadian fitness model and Instagram star include:

  • She also works as a personal trainer for interested persons.
  • She is said to reside in Los Angeles at the moment.
  • She has a degree in Personal Physical Training.
  • Presently, her relationship status reads single.
  • She owns a personal website named ‘’.
  • She loves yoga and anytime she is not working out, she engages in yoga routines.

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