Amber Scholl – Biography, Age, Family, Net Worth of The YouTuber

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Like in all spheres of entertainment such as music, acting, dance, etc, there are always people who are regarded as special or unique in their forte. Amber Scholl is one of such unique people. She is a YouTube personality and social media star who became famous when she posted a low budget DIY video on flooring marbles.

There are a lot of social media celebrities especially with the advent of Youtube, but not all have been able to create a niche for themselves instead, they joined the bandwagon. However, this is not the case for Amber who identified a niche of “broke people” or “low-income earners” and began creating videos that suited that market.

A one time OAP, driver, actress, and Snapchat personality, the YouTuber rose through so much difficulty to get to where she is at present. Read on for further details on her life.

Amber Scholl – Biography (Age)

Amber Brittany Scholl was born on August 11, 1993, in the popular city of Los Angeles, California into the home of loving parents. She is not the only child of her parents as she has two sisters who spent her childhood with. She attended the Desert Mountain High School where she was a cheerleader. This doesn’t come as a surprise, considering her looks.

She was a student of Desert Mountain from 2007 to 2011 and after her graduation, she got admitted into the Pepperdine University to study Broadcast Journalism. As an active student who had dreams of being a journalist, Amber Scholl became a member of the Society of Professional Journalists. She was also a leader of a sorority that organized charity fundraising events for various organizations while in college.

While at the University, Amber interned at Clevver Media; she also worked in a couple of other media houses such as Blanco Bleu Productions and Maximo TV, as well as at WMTV. In the latter, she had the opportunity to meet and interview various celebrities.

After graduation from college, Amber became one of the many unemployed masses. She searched for a decent job for a while all to no avail and when she could no longer take care of her bills, she began taking up odd jobs such as acting. The movie days didn’t last long and brought her no fame at all. She was still broke with a lot of unsettled bills piling up.

At this point, many her age would have opted for easy or illegal money but Amber didn’t rather, she kept pushing. With acting unable to help, she began working online as a social media account manager for a New York-based blog titled All Women Talk. She handled their Snapchat account for a while. At this time, Amber Scholl was also applying for other corporate jobs but all to no avail.

She later found a job as a driver but was soon fired because she crashed the company’s car. She was at her very worst when she decided to start posting videos on her YouTube channel in February 2012. Her contents included her red carpet experiences and desires as well as DIY videos. To her surprise one of her DIY videos became the favorite for thousands of YouTubers, it was titled: DIY MARBLE FLOORING. This DIY video increased her followers from 10k to a 100k in a couple of days. With this success, she realized the potentials of her channel and decided to quit her part-time jobs to focus on this new found ray of hope.

Amber continued to increase in popularity and subscribers. Her other social media accounts were also gaining huge attention and followership. Many love her because she has been able to do what many YouTube stars failed to. Through her videos, she provides solutions to everyday issues using a low or tight budget scheme. One of her very popular videos is based on how to make a prom dress out of a trash bag. It was simply amazing for the viewers when Amber Scholl used tapes, trash bag, glue, a transparent skirt, and a body suit to make a good looking dress.


She has also won the hearts of her audience by remaining humble and friendly even with her acquired fame and popularity. Amber currently has over 2.1 million YouTube subscribers and has added other contents to her channel such as home décor, celebrity fashion, vlogs, and some funny videos.

Family Life

Amber Scholl is blessed with a beautiful family – parents who love each other and two gorgeous sisters, Alyssa and Angela. Although it was revealed that her parents have been happily married for more than three decades, they prefer to keep their identities anonymous. Amber is not into any known heterosexual or homosexual relationship and she has had no children.

Net Worth of The YouTuber

Amber’s popularity is expected to have had large monetary rewards and it has indeed. Her current monthly or yearly salary is not disclosed, however, it was found that she is worth about $1 million. This is a very impressive amount considering the fact that she just created her YouTube channel as recently as 2012. We hope to see more of Amber Scholl in the coming years.

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