Amy Adams Movies And TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

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If we are all going to agree on one thing about Amy Adams movies, it is that they are mainly filled with humor. The notable actress skillfully displays her witty persona in most of the movies she has starred in. She had always had a knack for entertainment since her childhood days and this was what prompted her to initially study dance while in high school. Amy’s interest in performing arts increased as she grew up and by the time she turned 20, she sought a job in a dinner theatre. It was during that time that a movie producer noticed her and she landed her debut role in the comedy film Drop Dead Gorgeous. A few years later, she was seen in the popular film Catch Me If  You Can alongside . Amy Adams finally landed her long-awaited breakthrough role in the 2005 Junebug and in the years that follow, she has been seen in diverse hit movies and shows.

The actress has currently landed 37 awards from 131 nominations she has been named for. Moreso her name was among Forbes list of the highest-earning actresses in 2014, 2016 and 2017. Amy was also named among the 100 most influential persons in the world according to Time Magazine and by 2017, she was given her own star on the prestigious Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Amy Adams’s acting has been praised by many critics who believe that her physical features like her skin, hair and naturally soft, sincere way of talking are very striking. She was even on the 2011 Elle Magazine’s list of Most Beautiful People in America. Her film success has endeared her to a lot of people and over the years, she has been a brand ambassador for many companies. However, every success story also has its gloomy side, and Amy’s own is no difference as the actress has equally recorded some major failures in some of her movie appearances. Find out her best and worst films as listed below.

Amy Adams Movies And TV Shows Ranked From Best To Worst

1. Junebug

Junebug is a comedy movie which was released on the 3rd of August 2005. It starred Amy Adams alongside other big shots in the Hollywood film industry like Embeth Davidtz, , and Scott Wilson. Its location was set in North Carolina and the storyline follows that of an art trader, Madeleine played by Embeth Davidtz who left Chicago and went to North Carolina in search of a painter. As the scenes unfold, this character later led us to the rest of the cast which includes Amy Adams who depicted the role of Ashley, the pregnant wife of Melanani’s brother-in-law’s wife. However, the marriage between Ashley and her husband is about to hit the rocks but she belives having a baby will reunite them.

The movie was a critically acclaimed film which got a lot of good reviews. Moreso, Amy landed about 6 awards under the category of Best Supporting Actress. It was also a Box Office success as it returned $3.4 million on a budget of $1 million.

2. Sharp Objects

This is another delightful Amy Adam’s movie which was released in July 2008. It was based on a novel by Gillian Flynn of the same name. Amy was seen as the lead character Camille Preaker who went to her hometown to find ways and cover the brutal killing of two girls. The actress had to go out of her comfort zone in order to fit into her character in the film. She put on weight, underwent a prosthetic makeover as well as subjecting her mind to think like her character.

Sharp Objects eventually turned out to be one of Amy’s best film appearance and it was rated 92% on the Rotten Tomatoes. She also got nominated for various film awards as well as bagging a Sattelite Award under the category of Best Actress in a mini-series.

3. Catch Me If You Can

This is one of the highly-rated movies by Amy Adams in which her acting prowess was seen alongside the popular actor . In the crime movie, Amy plays the role of Brenda Strong who later became the love interest of the con artist, Frank Abagnale, Jr. portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio. Catch Me If You Can which was made on a budget of $52 million was able to gross a whopping $352.1 million. It was rated as high as 95% on Rotten Tomatoes and 95% of Google users also liked the movie. Thus, you will always find it listed on any compilation of the best Amy Adams movies.

4. The Fighter

The Fighter is biographical drama which is drawn from Micky Ward’s experience. The character portrayed by was the partner of Amy Adams who played the role of Charlene Fleming. The movie which premiered in North American film houses attracted 7 Academy Award and Amy received a nomination for Best Supporting Actress.

In the Box Office, The Fighter also recorded impressive figures as it has been able to gross $129.2 million on a budget of $25 million. The movie has also recorded up to 86% likes from Google users and on Rotten Tomatoes, it was list among Amy Adams best film with a ranking of 91%.

5. Enchanted

A very popular film among Amy Adams movies is the 2007 Walt Disney production Enchanted in which she starred as Giselle. As the story unfolds, her character is left with no choice but to leave her home in Andalasia and move to the boisterous New York City. The movie also starred the likes of , , , Timothy Spall, Rachel Covey, and Idina Menze. It was rated 93% on Tomatometer and in the Box Office, it grossed $340.5 million on its $85 million budget. Amy was also named for a Golden Globe Award as well as a Satellite Award for her role in Enchanted.

6. Serving Sara

This movie is a 2002 production in which Amy played the role of Kate the mistress of Gordon Moore portrayed by the actor, . The lovers contracted a solicitor to serve divorce papers to Gordon’s wife Sara Moore played by Elizebeth Hurley. However, a turn of events played out resulting in Sara gaining knowledge of her husband’s plans. She then maps out and begins to execute a series of plans to outsmart her husband.

The movie was however not well received by the audience and film critics did not hold back in pouring out negative reviews about it. It was also a Box Office disaster and as of now, it has only grossed about $20.1 million on a budget of about $29 million. On Tomatometer, it was listed as one of the worst Amy Adams movies with a 4% rating.

7. On The Road

This is an action-adventure movie in which Amy Adams was cast as Joan Vollmer/Jane. It was adapted from a novel of the same name written by Jack Kerouac’s. However, the film was criticized for its inability to portray the energy the novel had. It was also a Box Office failure as it grossed only $8.8 million on a budget of $25 million. It definitely ranks top on any list of worst Amy Adams movies and this was confirmed on Rotten Tomatoes which gave it a 44% rating after analyzing the reviews.

8. Leap Year

This is a 2010 romantic comedy in which Amy Adams starred alongside . The storyline follows that Amy’s character Anna embarked on a journey from Boston, the United States to Dublin, Ireland to propose to her boyfriend. She intends to make the proposal on leap year day as his country’s tradition according to the movie, would not permit him to turn down her proposal. However, on the way she faces some sort of complications and she ended up falling in love with another guy.

The movie had a lot of mixed receptions as film critics believed that in spite of Amy’s naturally charming nature, her role was not fully executed in the film. The cast could not fully showcase the funny aspect of the script and on Rotten Tomatoes, it was rated 22%.

9. Cruel Intentions 2

This movie is a comedy-drama that was released in 2010 after the first installment with the name, Cruel Intention was loved by many. It presented Amy Adams as Kathryn Merte, a devious and cunning child of Tiffany Merte-Valmont played by Mimi Rogers. The storyline follows that Kathryn’s mother who separated from her first husband and father of her daughter later re-married but Kathryn could not be friends with her new step-brother. However, the movie failed to capture the hearts of many film lovers and it was frowned upon for its strong teenage sexual scenes. It was also rated poorly on the Tomatometer which gave it only 17% and it falls low on the ladder of Amy Adams movies.

10. Lullaby

Lullay is an American drama film which was released on June 13th, 2014 via ARC Entertainment. It features Amy Adams alongside the likes of , and a handful of other big names in Hollywood. Its story was about a cancer patient and it unfolds events that would affect his decision to either end his life or keep holding on to life support. In spite of the contents of the movie, it received only limited recognition and on Rotten Tomatoes, it was graded 32%. This movie found itself among ranking low on Amy Adams movies so far as it definitely did not do justice to her talent as an actress.

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