Anastasia Kvitko Biography and Everything You Must Know About Her 

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For a major part of the recent generation, has always been the individual most people refer to whenever they have to talk about females with curvaceous figures, exceptionally voluptuous and fine bun.  But over the years, the world has been witnessing the coming of other young women flaunting their attractively curved shapes. Today, we have who has become famous as the Kim Kardashian of the Caribbean island nation – Cuba and of course, Anastasia Kvitko who has successfully attracted bountiful attention from people across the world as the Russian Kim Kardashian.

The Kim Kardashian wannabes have a lot in common. While they have not been able to reach the fame and the height of the person they are trying to be like in showbiz, they have gathered an enviable amount of followers across their social media platforms. Their fans are dedicated followers and always eager to make their ravenous appetite useful in devouring and commenting on the pictures these figures share online. A handful of time, one would catch the fans having a debate about the wannabes being more sharply and sexier than Kim. Nonetheless, Kim has always retained her dominance.

Anastasia Kvitko Biography

Anastasia is one of those popular individuals who has frustrated their fan’s hope to know more about them, very little is known about the early days of her life and her family background. However, we have been able to learn a thing or two about the Russian glamour model and entrepreneur who prefers describing herself as an Instagram and Social Media Model.

From what we gathered, Kvitko was born in Moscow, Russia on the 25th day of November 1994. It is said that she moved to the United States of America while she was about to cease being a teenager and first settled in Miami, hoping to have a good start in modelling. She would later move to Los Angeles to intensify her pursuit of a modelling career. Kvitko now lives in Los Angeles, California but her home remains Kaliningrad, Russia.

Reports have it that the Russian almost abandoned her hope of nurturing a modelling career in the US after she was attacked and robbed at gunpoint shortly after she made Miami her home. The incident left her traumatized and she started reconsidering her life choices, wondering if it was in the first place, a brilliant idea to leave Russia for the US in the name of pursuing a career as a professional model.

Even when Anastasia subdued her second thoughts about her American dream, she had a hard time earning the attention of modelling agencies. She was rejected by a handful of the agencies as it was thought that her curving contour and generous curves are attractive but not ideal for modelling. Kvitko eventually got fed up with the agencies and decided to find a niche for herself in the industry through the social media. She focused on social media and ultimately made her curves her identity in modelling.

Everything You Must Know About Her 

Being a curvaceous young model, Anastasia Kvitko, as at the time of this report, could brag about having over 7.8 million followers on Instagram. Though she has a pretty huge fanbase on other social media platforms, her Instagram has been the major attraction for obvious reasons – she posts most of her pictures which are often described as “hot” and “sexy” on the platform.

There was a time the Russian model pointed out that it is unfair for her to be compared to Kim, expressing that she will soon be more popular than ‘s wife. Specifying that she likes Kim, Anastasia Kvitko argued that she doesn’t photoshop her pictures like Kim. As such, she has always insisted that she is different from most of her kinds.

If anyone is unwilling to accept that, Kvitko would indicate that she, unlike most Instagram celebrities, shares full-length genuine pictures so that people could see her exact looks. She would proclaim her bottom the most beautiful, boast about having a sporty body, trained hip muscles and being natural.  , she has not done any plastic surgeries to improve her looks. But then, many have refused to accept Kvitko’s claim about her looks being natural. It is widely believed that she went through the knife to form her shape.

Owing to Kvitko’s obvious willingness, capacity and aptness to develop and manage business ventures, she is increasingly being regarded as an entrepreneur. Most recently, she unveiled a new swimsuit line – AC-350 at New York Fashion week with Eliya Cioccolato, a fashion designer.

Early January 2017, Anastasia Kvitko got very close to being crowned Russia’s most beautiful woman. She didn’t get the crown but she established herself as one of Russia’s most beautiful woman as she finished third behind Natalia Lonova and Vera Brezhneva who .

Sporting dark brown hair and black-coloured eye, the following are the details of Anastasia Kvitko’s body measurements:

Height: 5 ft 5 inches (1.68 m)

Weight: 56kg (123 lb)

Breasts: 38 inches

Waist: 25 inches

Hips: 41 inches

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