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Kids and adults alike love the Spider-Man character. He is friendly, a hero and is sometimes humorous in some scenes but not to such extent that he will lose concentration in keeping us safe albeit on screen. One of such actors that have played the character of Spider-Man aptly well is Andrew Garfield who you are going to learn about here, in addition to knowing what became of his relationship with Emma Stone; an actress he worked with.

Andrew Garfield’s Bio & Age

Andrew Russell Garfield was born to British and American parents in Los Angeles, California on the 20th of August 1983. His mother, Lynn is from Essex, England while his father Richard Garfield is from California. However, Andrew Garfield grew up in Epsom, Surrey in the UK as his parents relocated from the US to the UK when he was just 3 years old.

The actor had a secular upbringing and has described himself as an “agnostic pantheist.” His father was a Jewish even as his paternal grandparents were Jewish immigrants from Eastern European countries like Poland, Russia, and Romania but would later settle in London.

Growing up, Andrew Garfield participated in gymnastics and swimming in addition to being a philatelist (Philately – the study, collection, appreciation, research of stamps, postal history, and other related materials). He was an avid one at that. While in school, he had intended to study business but made a turn for a career on screen at the age of 16 when a friend of his convinced him to sit for Theatre Studies at A-level because they were a student short of running the classes. Well, it all turned out well for him as it is for that reason that he is a person of interest today.

Young Andrew Garfield enrolled at Priory Preparatory School in Banstead before he joined City of London Freemen’s School in Ashtead prior to making another move again for training in favor of the Central School of Speech and Drama, the University of London where he finally graduated from in the year 2004.

Career Growth

Straight out from college, Andrew began acting on stage as characters like Deccy in Mercy which showed at the Soho Theatre and at the Manchester Royal Exchange, he played as Billy in the play Kes. He made his major television debut in 2005 as Tom in 5 episodes of Sugar Rush. The British-American actor drew more public attention in 2007 for his excellent portrayal of the character Frank in the third series of BBC’s Doctor Who, episodes “Daleks in Manhattan” and “Evolution of the Daleks.”

His biggest career success came in 2012 when he landed the role of the character Peter Parker/Spider-Man in The Amazing Spider-Man and The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (2014); a character he had loved from childhood. Andrew very much identified with Spider-Man in every sense of it; he was skinny, had the looks and brought a general sense of the being into life for which he received critical acclaim. For the role, he studied how spiders and athletes move and tried to incorporate them on set, he also practiced yoga and pilates which just goes to show the effort he put into being the superhero we loved him on screen for. It should interest you to know that he has already been signed up for two future spider-man films, so we still expect to see the best.

Another of his works for which he has been praised is the character of conscientious objector Desmond T. Doss in the -directed war film Hacksaw Ridge where he saved about 75 men in Okinawa during WWII without pulling the trigger for once. For this role, Andrew Garfield was nominated for a Golden Globe and an Academy Award for Best Actor.

Indeed, Andrew is a big talent and an inspiration for many aspiring thespians still learning the ropes of acting. What he has achieved from the time he started up to the present time has distinguished him as one of the best in the industry. His works span across theatre and films over the years and for each project Andrew was and will be involved in, you could expect to see nothing less than his best.


His Girlfriend, Relationship with Emma Stone

Most often, actors and actresses who play romantic roles on screen and even theatre tend to really get absorbed in their characters such that the real life becomes a stage or movie scene to continue their romance and the dramas in it. If this doesn’t sound offensive to you as their fan, then it aptly describes the relationship that once was between Andrew Garfield and fellow film star Emma Stone.

The two started their relationship in 2011 when they were both working on the Spider-Man film. Their relationship like most others in Hollywood became a subject of interest to their fans and a lot had hopes of seeing them walk down the aisle soon. However, that never happened, because, by 2015, they were done with each other and were already moving on with their respective lives.

Though no official statement was released to clear the air about the rumors of their breakup, the tidings continued to circulate till people took it that they were no longer together. Well, perhaps because they never really told us of their breakup, there might still be a possibility of them getting back together… Just wishing.

For now, the actor is still single and straight but has reportedly described himself as having a tendency to respond to any “impulse” that may arise at any time.

Height and Body Measurements

Spider-Man is not fat, neither is he muscular, so someone who portrays him can’t be any of those. It is with such exemptions that Andrew Garfield was apt for the role. He stands at 5 feet 10 inches weighing about 74 kg. From a visual assessment of the actor, he has a slim body build but the exact figures of his body statistics like chest, biceps, and waist have not been made public. At least the official and exact numerals haven’t been made known.

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