Andy Mauer – Bio, Facts You Must Know About Harvey Levin’s Partner

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In the past, Andy Mauer was relatively famous, mostly among sportsmen and women who sought his help as a chiropractic expert. He was so good in the profession that for many years, he gave comfort and relief to many who came seeking his services and as a result, he accumulated an impressive clientele.

However, all that seemed to be a tip of the iceberg of what is to become of Mauer following the revelations made by TMZ founder about their gay relationship. As a result, many people have become interested in both his career and private life. Typical of relationships of such nature and taking into consideration the couple involved, media outlets feast on their every move, in and out of their public and private lives.

The two men have been together for over two decades in a relationship that started in the 90s. Here, we will present to you all there is to know about Harvey Levin’s partner – Andy Mauer; his family background, career, and relationship with Harvey.

Andy Mauer – Bio

Andy Mauer was born in the year 1965 in California into a religious Roman Catholic family. As he grew up, his parents raised him in their Christian faith but this negatively affected Andy’s life. Like most other gay people, he couldn’t wrap his ahead around religious teachings which lampooned what he felt inside of him. The Church condemned feelings like his and held a strong view that it was abnormal. Being faced with these challenges, Andy was hurting a lot inside but yet didn’t want to hurt his parents the more by disclosing his sexual identity to them. He, however, knew that a time will come when he will freely express his sexuality without hindrances and even fall in love with the right man. Yes, that time came.

As per his educational background, there have not been any revelations about what high school he attended. The much we know based on reports is that Mauer holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication Studies from the University of California (Los Angeles).

Several reports have it that he practised as a chiropractor many years before his affair with the TMZ founder came to public knowledge. Andy Mauer reportedly opened his office, Mauer Chiropractic, Inc in December 1994. He ran this office for more than a decade and a half before deciding to shut it down in 2011. After this, he began working at TMZ as the producer of TMZ Celebrity Tour for almost 2 years. This was followed by his ascent as the Head of Consumer Products in TMZ in January 2013. Next came another promotion as Director of Talent Acquisition in November 2016 which he is assumed to have been on since then.

Since joining TMZ, Andy Mauer’s life has been revolving in and around the tabloid news website; in the pursuit of his career and in his love life. The public gained insight into the relationship between Andy and Harvey when photos of the duo together were published in 2013, following a book signing event they attended as a couple. They had earlier met each other in the 90s and have been together since then.

Other Facts You Must Know About Harvey Levin’s Partner

Net Worth

As a Talent Acquisition Director, Andy Mauer is believed to be earning between $119, 997 to $158, 000 per annum. With this income bracket, projections that have been made about his net worth have it that he is worth about $1.5 million. That of his partner Harvey Levine is estimated to be 10 times more at $15 million.

Fitness Enthusiast

Andy is passionate about sports, bodybuilding and healthy lifestyles. His passion for physical fitness began after he finished his high school education. He has been featured many times on various sports magazines, showing off his well-ripped body. In addition to this, the former chiropractor has also taught people healthy practices to support their bodies and stay in good shape.

Chiropractic Career

As a chiropractor, Andy Mauer had a speciality in attending to stress reduction, disc injuries, low back and neck pain, as well as headaches. Considering the prevalence of these problems in the sporting world, Mauer always had a long list of patients seeking his care.

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