Angelica Kenova – Bio, Parents, Siblings, and Family of The Human Barbie

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Every girl while growing up played with dolls and most little girls’ dreams of looking like their favorite dolls is actually Angelica Kenova in reality. Some might think it’s quite impossible to look that way without plastic surgery, but our cynosure celebrity today looks exactly like the popular plastic doll Barbie, and yet her looks required no surgery.

Not only does Kenova have the looks every little girl dreams of having but, she also has the looks every grown-up lady craves for, an appearance younger than her age. At first glance and even after a long stare at her, one would think she is still a teenager without even the slightest idea that she’s over three decades old. If there is to be a Barbie film, she would fit in perfectly as she has the exact look that would fit the role of the kiddies doll.

Angelica Kenova Biography

Angelica Kenova is a Russian Instagram model, she was born in Kurgan, Kurgan Oblast, Russia, on July 11, 1988. She is best known for her famous Barbie-like look. Angelica is also a ballet dancer and child psychologist. Even at 30, the Barbie-like model still lives with her parents.

The goal of being famous is what pushes so many people to do extraordinary things, just like in the case of Angelica. But in her own scenario, to a large extent, some of the credit should be given to her parents. She owes much of her Barbie looks to her parents who have not only supported her looks but are also the main orchestrators of their daughter’s doll-like resemblance.

Angelica has had the doll-like appearance ever since she was a little girl, some even say she was born that way. Her parents made sure that in other to keep the look, she maintained certain diets which they would rather not reveal to the world, and they also ensured she kept fit, for which they hired a personal trainer for their daughter and to keep in shape, she visits the gym more often than the average lady. In other to make their beloved daughter look more realistic like a Barbie doll, Kenova’s parents had to dress her like one, with her mother taking charge of her wardrobe.

According to the model, she is not fit for real life, as her parents barely let her out of their sight. Her parents are “overprotective” of her, they did not allow her to experience the normal childhood experience which other kids enjoyed, instead, Angelica Kenova was raised as a princess.

Her Barbie doll looks have earned her quite a large number of fans, both those who admire her style and those who wish to be like the human Barbie. The Instagram model who is also a ballet dancer and a psychologist has her net worth being estimated around $1 million.

Being over three decades old and with such undeniable beauty, it is shocking to know that she is currently not in a relationship and has never really had a real boyfriend. The few dates she had been to, her mum tagged along and it always scared off prospective boyfriends, as it signified that she was nowhere close to being independent, and it has been so since she was a little girl.

Angelica Kenova has on various occasions been compared to Valeria Lukyanova. Valeria herself is another human Barbie. Like Angelica, Valeria is a Russian and also a model. But one difference between the two is that Valeria is married to Dmitry Shkrabov while Angelica isn’t yet.


Family – Parents, Siblings of The Human Barbie

Angelica Kenova barely leaves her parents house without someone escorting her, and in most cases, it is usually her mother. Since she was born, she has never gone on a date without her mother tagging along.

Kenova’s parents are Natalia Cheprasova and EvgeniyCheprasov. They are the people behind the curtain of the human Barbie. They initiated her looks when she was too little to decide what she wanted and they decided that she kept her famous appearance. The couple also has a son who is the human Barbie’s elder brother, named Roman Cheprasov. Roman does not get half the attention his kid sister gets as he is nowhere close to looking like a human doll. But one thing Roman has that Angelica craves for is independence.

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