Anthony Padilla Wife, Girlfriend, Age, Height, Net Worth, is He Gay?

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Best known as the co-creator of the American sketch comedy YouTube channel called, the YouTuber and comedian from Los AngelesCalifornia, Anthony Padilla, is no name to be toiled with when it comes to YouTube business. Not only is he well-known for his animations which he made in the early 2000s, he is also a good writer and producer. Here, in this article, you will get to know interesting facts about the young talented YouTube personnel, his professional and personal life.

Anthony Padilla Biography, Age

Originally born as Daniel Anthony Padilla on September 16, 1987, Padilla grew up with his parents and two brothers in Sacramento County of California, USA. Anthony’s father Dan Padilla and his mother Leezah Padilla separated when he was two years old and he was thus raised by his mother. He, however, visits his father alongside his brother during weekends.

Anthony attended Del Campo High School in Fair Oaks and after graduating, he moved to American River College in Sacramento, California but dropped out of school two years after because he was diagnosed with Henoch-SchonleinPurpura (HSP). He then decided to keep himself occupied by learning to code and from there he created a site he called Smosh through which he was able to relate with his friends without going to them. Smosh was created in 2002. The name, according to Anthony was drawn from an incident where he mistook a friend’s explanation of a mosh pit as a “smosh pit”. During its time of creation, Smosh was a site where several flash animations were made. His childhood friend, Ian Andrew Hecox, later joined him in posting several videos and by 2005, the site became one of the most popular and most visited sites. Basically, the channel grew with over 30,000 subscribers, aside from his close friends who were using it.

Anthony Padilla’s popularity grew tremendously after he posted a video of himself and his friend Ian lip-syncing to the Power Rangers song. The song was so admired that it was shared by his followers. Gradually, his Smosh video found its ways to YouTube, which was then a new website. Gaining about 24 million views, Anthony’s Smosh video became the most viewed video on the YouTube channel at that time. After creating their Smosh YouTube channel, in 2006, Both Padilla and his friend began to diversify. They started by creating short YouTube skits such as That Damn Neighbor and Food Battle, their annual video series. YouTube also offered him a chance to be part of its first wave of Ad Program. He redesigned the channel in 2009, adding extra videos and a game section. The following year, he launched 3 different Smosh-based web series: Ian Is Bored which was later renamed as Smosh Is Bored, Ask Charlie and Lunchtime with Smosh. From there began their major move to stardom as they both launched more channels that not only made them more popular but fetched them a reasonable amount of money as well.

 Net Worth

The successful growth of Anthony Padilla’s Smosh YouTube channel has contributed to his recent wealth accumulation. According to most websites, Anthony has an estimated net worth of $8 million. This was accumulated from the total of 7 YouTube channels he co-owned. He created 3 channels in 2012 and they are named ElSmosh, Shut Up! Cartoons and Smosh Games. By February 2014, Smosh already has a mobile app where all of its videos and other contents are accessed. Anthony and his friend also released an Xbox One app and many more.

Not only was he successful in his YouTube business, he was also recognized by many important companies and firms. He even gained numerous awards such as the 2006 YouTube Comedy Awards, the 2013 Social Star Awards, 4th Streamy Awards and 2016 Webby Awards. Anthony released multiple comedy music albums through Smosh. They include Sexy Album, If Music Were Real, Smoshtastic, and The Sweet Sound of Smosh. Meanwhile, on June 14, 2017, Anthony Padilla announced in a YouTube video titled Anthony is Leaving Smosh that he had officially left Smosh. Prior to his announced departure, he created Anthony Padilla 2, where he would be uploading videos as much as he wishes.

Anthony Padilla Wife, Girlfriend, Is He Gay?

Although his rise to fame is often attached to his skills in creating comedy videos, it is not untrue to say that Anthony Padilla is a handsome and cute-looking young guy with luscious thick hair that makes him a sensation among the ladies. Some have even assumed him to be gay but, Anthony is not gay, in fact, he has an interesting relationship going. He was first engaged to Kalel Cullen in 2013 but they separated shortly after their relationship began. He claimed that the American personality was being “manipulative” and “toxic” during their relationship. He was also in a relationship with Kristina Carrillo-Bucaram but in September 2017, he announced that he is in a relationship with a popular YouTube star and actress, Miel Bredouw, best known as Mielmonster. They are not yet married but they seem to be enjoying their lives together.



Anthony is 5 feet, 11 inches tall and he has an athletic body weighing 160 lbs (72.6 kg). He equally has a pair of brown eyes with his chest, waist and biceps measuring 40, 30 and 14 inches, respectively.

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