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We can’t talk about YouTube sensations without Anto Garabet’s name (popularly known as Antodaboss popping up. The sensational Youtube star has this vibes about him that once you visit his channel, you can’t help but go back over and over again.

The popular YouTuber is one media personality who has turned his passion into a money making venture for himself and it will really shock you to learn of his humble beginning. Below is all you really need to know about the sports enthusiast.


The social media star is from Baltimore Maryland but was born in Armenia on the 15th of July 1993. There is really not much about his parents and early childhood. Anto has an Armenian heritage, his family relocated to the U.S when he was just nine years thus, he spent the first part of his early years in Armenia. Antodaboss is very private and would rather not talk about his private/family life in public. However, we know that the YouTuber got all his formal education from Armenia as well as in the U.S. In addition, we also know that he is not an only child as he has two sisters who he has featured on his channel. Despite the fact that he has not revealed much about his parents/family to the public, Anto Garabet does adore them.

How He Became A YouTuber Sensation

Anto Garabet is a Machinima sports director who enjoys sporting and editing sports videos; interestingly, his love for sports didn’t just start before he got famous. He was said to have always loved to play football/soccer as a kid growing up in Armenia. He, however, lost interest in sports when he moved to the United States simply because he stopped participating in sports and other physical activities even though he played softball very few times.

While in Middle school, Garabet became fascinated with film making and even made short films for his fellow students. In June 2009, he launched his YouTube channel AntoDaBoss and in March 2010, he uploaded his first video with the title “NBA 2k10, Where Amazing Does Not Happen “.

Like every other YouTuber trying to grow their channels, he did not get all the views or traffic on his vlog immediately as it took a while before his channel amassed  subscribers and viewers but today, his YouTube channel is very popular; he posts sports videos, comedy, and games and has more than 1milion subscribers with over 300 million views.

Asides sports videos, Anto Garabet also creates contents on games, Q&As and other types of videos. Some of the games he features on his channel include Madden, NBA 2k and FIFA. One of the most watched games on his channel is the ‘Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough -The Beginning  Ep1′ which accumulated over 3.4 million views.

In the list of Antodaboss’ most popular game videos is Madden 15- Gauntlet with the Washington  Redskins which garnered more than 2.1million views; another is Madden 18 Longshot Walkthrough – Draft Combined Ep’2 which had 1.7 million views as well as many other videos he’s uploaded.

Anto Garabet has a series on his YouTube channel called #The Boss Talks which is always viewed by more than a million persons. His videos receive a whopping number of viewers almost immediately it goes online, this is, however, not surprising as he really puts so much efforts on them.

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Other Facts About Antodaboss

  • Clothing Line

He has a clothing line, ADB, which is merchandised across his various internet platforms.

  • Net Worth

It has not been confirmed how much he makes from his channel or his total net worth but one thing is certain, Antodaboss is his own boss and it is obvious he makes enough to pay his bill and take care of his needs.

  • Girlfriend

He is in a relationship with a pretty lady named Stephanie and has on different occasions featured her on his channel.

  • Body Measurements

Anto is no macho man as he stands at 5ft 10″ tall with a modest weight of about 75kg.

  • Instagram

AntoDaBoss is not just popular on YouTube but also on other social media platforms. He has about 67K followers on Instagram(antodaboss) and over 85k on his Twitter (@AntoDaBoss) as well.

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