Aparri – Biography, Age, Height, Net Worth, Family and Quick Facts

Quick Facts

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ProfessionMedia Personalities

YouTube star Aparri is a talented gamer who is popular for doing what he loves best – playing Animal Jam which has attracted quite a number of fans and subscribers to his channel so far.

Aparri Biography (Age)

The gamer who was born on 11th March 2000 in the U.S.A is rising fast on YouTube with his interesting videos, playing animal jam. He started by uploading videos via a channel called 7AJ in 2014 but launched his own channel on YouTube named Aparri in February 2015. This channel attracted more persons to view his videos and within a month, he gathered more than 50K subscribers and in less than a year, he was able to gather about 300K subscribers. Appari is known for his intriguing and captivating animal jam games in which kids that love animals can choose animals of their choice to play the game which is set in a place called Jamaa where animals have been disappearing due to environmental hazards and unfavourable conditions. Animal jam which is not just entertaining but also educative as it teaches one about the ecosystem and the different types of animals in existence due to this has attracted The National Geographic which has now partnered with the Animal Jam game.


The talented gamer in July 2016, started a new video trend on YouTube titled PO Box Opening in which he opens mails from his fans who express their love for what he is doing, use the medium to shower him with gifts and to praise his good looks which are well deserved as he is a heartthrob. The gamer is also making waves because of the enthusiastic ways he jams in his videos and to distinguish himself from the crowd, he also creates animal vines which are videos that contain humour that will crack anyone’s ribs any time of the day. Appari also collaborates with other gamers Bruizer, Wisteriamoon, Julian2 and Bepper, not to compete with them but to improve on his gaming skills and teaches new gamers the technique of playing by inviting them on his videos like the one he did with Lola, a friend of his that had no idea about Animal Jam.

The youngster is also very active on social media pages and is said to have about 86K people following him on Instagram and above 9K followers on Twitter.

Aparri’s Family

No details have been made available about the gamer’s father and mother although he has a younger sister called Sarah who is also a gamer like him and goes by the pseudo name Bepper.  There have also been talks about them having other siblings two boys called Tom and Joe but no solid existence of the other siblings have been made available just like the parents.

Appari is actually said to have picked up interest in gaming back in 2010 because of his sister and since then, the pair have been very close as she is a regular guest in his videos. They are also said to have similar friends with whom they hang out regularly.

Aparri’s Net Worth

The young gamer is rumoured to have piled up earnings from his gaming hobby and career that have ranked his net worth around $0.4 within the space of the few years he started.


Aparri’s Height And Body Statistics

The young teenager definitely has an adorable physique which has made his fans love him more, however, no specific details are yet available apart from the fact that he has a weight of about 64 kg and he obviously has a tall frame from his looks.

Quick Facts About Aparri

Other details about this gamer include the following:

  • He started jamming two years after Animal Jam was created.
  • He operated with a hidden identity when he started jamming, making fans to stalk his social media pages to get a peek at him.
  • He is a regular high school kid who keeps his dream of jamming going, irrespective of school pressure.
  • His username was an inspiration from the American sitcom Survivor.
  • He is a food lover and his favourite snack is purple Doritos.
  • His favourite colour is said to be red and it is confirmed by the red colour of animal he has been using to play Animal Jam since he started.
  • His best friends are Wisteriamoon and Julian2 who are also Animal Jammers.

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