Ashley Alvano – Bio, Family, And Facts About LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend

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is a famous point guard and one-third of the Ball brothers who are known for their elite basketball skills and career. They were all recruited at a young age and committed to play at UCLA before hitting the pro world. On the heels of his fame, he took on another, Ashley Alvano, on his wings, introducing her to the limelight. She gained public attention after LaMelo named her his girlfriend in an episode of their family web series.

Though their relationship was short-lived, it is credited with conferring the celebratory status on Alvano. One of the perks she got as a WAG was a surge in her social media following. Below are her other deets and facts.

Ashley Alvano – Biography

Born on the 21st day of December 2000 in California, the United States, Ashley Alvano has Caucasian heritage and holds an American nationality. Unlike her former beau whose details are all over the internet, one could hardly glean anything about her early years, family or educational background. However, from her activities on the internet, it could be garnered that she attained some level of formal education through her writing and speech.

In the future, she may deem it fit to reveal that information. For now, she’s just enjoying the fame she has achieved and living the life that comes with it.

Meteoric Rise To Stardom

Prior to hooking up with the basketball player, Ashley Alvano was already on social media but her presence was not so much announced. She was simply not making too much buzz on her pages. After much speculations by LaMelo’s fans that the duo was an item, being that he was always posting pictures of her on his pages, he eventually confirmed that they were dating.

The Ball family have a web TV series titled Ball in the Family which they feature in. It is about the life of the Ball patriarch, , his wife, , and their sons. It was during the birthday episode on the series to mark LaMelo’s 16th that the basketball star officially revealed that he was dating Ashley. They began dating in September 2017.

With the status of their relationship revealed, Alvano skyrocketed to fame. Many fans of LaMelo converted to her fans and started following her, after all, she’s their star’s girl. This also helped to establish her celebrity status as a WAG. Unfortunately, their relationship was short-lived, ending in November 2017. However, while it lasted, her fan following experienced a geometric progression and she has maintained a high profile on social media, as well as steady growth in her fan base. From a following of less than 40k on Instagram, she is now followed by over 144k committed fans. She is not active on Twitter yet neither does she use Facebook.

The Family Life Of Ashley Alvano

Since she hit the fame button, Alvano has not held back in showing off herself on social media through the avalanche of pictures and videos she shares online. In all of those, she has not as much as shared even a single picture of or with her family members or given a hint of her relationship with them.

Until the time of this writing, it is not known if she is an only child or has a sibling she grew up with. Besides, the state of her relationship with her parents or family members is also not known.

However, she was quite close to the Ball family. LaMelo’s brothers, and both of whom also play basketball, approved of and felt comfortable with Alvano even though she is a year older than their younger brother. LaMelo Ball was born on the 22nd of August 2001. She also became a friend of their girlfriends, Isabella Morris and Denise Gracia and hung out with them most of the time.


Facts about LaMelo Ball’s Girlfriend

Her Net Worth

Since it is not known what Alvano does by way of a career, it is hard to decipher what her net worth is. However, with her growing popularity on Instagram, it is expected that she would be making money off the platform in no time, that’s if she’s not started already. Meanwhile, her former boyfriend earns hugely from his TV and basketball careers. He is also an entrepreneur and has his own signature shoes, the Melo Ball One. With over 4 million followers on Instagram, his net worth is estimated at $4 million.

Height, Weight, Body Measurements

If Ashley Alvano ever considers a career in the modelling industry, she would give others a run for their money. She not only possesses a model fit physique but she also dedicatedly keeps fit and maintains a toned body. Moreover, she doesn’t shy away from showing off her endowments on social media, either. Besides, she’s a fitness freak who works hard to keep up with her charm and physique.

Her slim body build is further complemented by her bluish-grey blinkers and brown hair.

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