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Atif Aslam is a well known Pakistani singer and movie star who made his movie debut in the social drama Bol in 2011. He has also recorded quite a number of chart-topping songs and is really famous for his vocal belting technique. Aslam is known to sing predominantly in Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu and seldom in Bengali.

Biography (Age)

Atif Aslam was born on the 12th of March 1983 into very strict Punjabi Muslim family in Wazirabad, Punjab in Pakistan. He started his education in kindergarten at the Kimberly Hall School, Lahore in 1991. He had to transfer when his family moved to Rawalpindi where he continued his studies at the St. Paul’s Cambridge School, Satelite Town Rawalpindi. He later returned to Lahore where he continued his studies in Divisional Public School. After his high school, Aslam attended PICS and graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science.

Aslam first started singing in public during his days at PICS where he met a guitarist and a very young composer, Goher Mumtaz with whom he struck a great musical synergy. After they had performed in various clubs and bars, they finally formed a band which they named Jal which is a Hindi word for “working together”. The pair launched their first song “Aadat” with the aid of Salman Albert amongst other high profile Pakistani musicians.

The video for the song “Aadat” was shot in a warehouse in Karachi and within a very short period of time, the song became very popular on Pakistani websites and immediately went viral online, making not only Aslam a household name but also the band Jal.

The success of “Aadat” prompted the band to go on a tour around Pakistan. While on tour, personal problems between lead singer Aslam and composer Mumtaz led to an unannounced indefinite break. Which led Aslam to go solo while Mumtaz continued using the band name Jal.

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After his separation from the band, Aslam released his first solo album named Jal Pari which means mermaid on the 17th of July 2004, the album became an instant hit in Pakistan. Quite a number of songs on his album which included the likes of Bheegi and Yaadein just to name a few went on to become major hit songs across the middle east. After the success of his debut solo album, Aslam also recorded two more successful solo albums -Doorie and Meri Kahani.

After his very successful solo outing as a musician in 2004, Aslam got his Bollywood breakthrough when famous director Mahesh Bhatt sought his consent to include Woh Lamhey as the soundtrack of his new motion picture in 2005. The move proved fruitful with the song becoming a hit, especially the remixed version.

Having a very unique career path of being both an actor and a musician, Aslam has also made special appearances in many film songs.

Atif Aslam Wife and Son

Aslam is married to an educationist and teacher Sara Bharwana, the couple got married in his birth town, Lahore on the 29th of March 2013 and gave birth to their son Ahad Atif Aslam in 2014.

Net Worth

Atif Aslam who has been at the top of both the movie and music industry in Pakistan for the best part of two decades has an estimated net worth of around $22 million. In a volatile economic climate, Atif has done well to maintain his commercial success.

Other Facts About Atif Aslam

1. In a singing talent show in India, Aslam was the captain of the Pakistani team in Sur Kshetra. The show ended with a member of the Pakistani team winning.

2. Aslam mentioned the late singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan as his favorite singer.

3. At the Big Apple Music Award, Aslam was nominated for Most popular male Artist (international).

4. He recorded his first song Aadat with his own pocket money, the song went on to become an instant hit.

5. Aslam is the youngest recipient of the prestigious Tamgha-e- Imtiaz, a Pakistani civilian honor.

6. He became interested in music while attending high school at the PAF College, Lahore.

7. Apparently immensely talented, many don’t know that his initial passion was cricket and he dreamed of becoming part of Pakistan’s national cricket team.

8. Aslam was once declared the most popular artist on an Indian music streaming service, Saavn.

9. He had three of his songs featured as part of the award-winning film, Man Push Cart.

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