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as Wolverine is a completely different man from the man he is when he is with his daughter, Ava Eliot Jackman. While in the movie he can be brutal and anything but lovable, with Ava, he is a calm individual who forms a beautiful picture together with her.

The two have been so close and enjoy a perfect relationship that not many would ever believe that she is his adopted daughter. In fact, the actor has stated that he doesn’t even feel like she is his adopted daughter.

Ava Eliot Jackman Bio

It was on the 5th of July, 2005 that Ava was born in the United States of America. She was brought up by her older brother, Oscar Maximillian who was also adopted by Jackman.

Although as pointed out, it was in the States that she was born, she is half-German and half Mexican. Nonetheless, there is no information available on her birth parents.

Close to two decades before the birth Ava, Hugh Jackman got married to Australian actress and producer, Deborra-Lee Furness. Although their marriage was bliss, it was not blessed with any kids as Furness had tried having children, but she suffered from multiple miscarriages, which has prevented them from having biological children.

According to the actor, even before they started having the challenge in having their own children, it had always been in their plans to adopt children at some point. Hence, all the challenge did was to bring their plans forward and so they decided on adopting kids.

For her education, even though it is known that she is still in school, the name of her school has not been revealed. It is known, however, that in 2015, she was attending a school in New York and also a Soho dance studio.

Although their parents are famous actors, there is nothing to suggest for now, that Ava and her brother would like to have a career as actors.


Facts About Hugh Jackman’s Daughter

1. She has an older sibling: Ava Eliot Jackman is five years younger than her older brother, Oscar Maximillian who was born in 2000.

2. How her parents met: Her parents first met on the set of Correlli, an Australian TV show in 1995. They dated for only a year before they decided they wanted becoming man and wife. The wedding held in Toorak, Victoria, Melbourne in 1996. Since then, the couple has been together and strong.

3. She is of mixed race: Ava Eliot Jackman is a mixed race child, just as Oscar. According to Jackman, he decided with his wife to deliberately go for children of mixed race. When they went in search for kids to adopt and they made it known that they were looking for kids of mixed race, the official told them people of mixed race were always turned away because no one would adopt them, but Hugh and Deborra had already decided on what they wanted. What this means is that both Ava and Oscar are of mixed race.

4. Jackman and Deborra do not see their kids as adopted

In spite of what anyone believes, Jackman and his wife do not see their children as adopted, instead, they see them only as their kids. The actor revealed that although they would have loved to have biological children and, that it pained when they realized they couldn’t have them, they believe in destiny and as such, are very happy with the way things are.

5. Hugh Jackman was forced to rescue her and Oscar from a Riptide in Sydney

In 2016 when the kids were enjoying some time at the Bondi Beach in Sydney, the X-Man actor was forced to become a real-life hero when they got caught in a riptide. Jackman swam and rescued his kids as well as others who were caught in it.

6. Jackman is quite tough on Ava and her brother and he teaches them to be well behaved

With all the love that he has always shown his children, Jackman has also revealed that he has no option but to be tough on them because he is famous. He said due to his fame, people would treat them less tough and so he needed to help them to respect people, behave well, and learn the importance of gratitude.

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