Avia Butler – Bio, Personal Details, Family, Facts About The YouTuber

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It would not be entirely out of place to say that Avia Butler’s success started from the moment she was born. She carries in her the genes of social media superstar parents and since she was a toddler, she has shown that she can handle the pressure of the career every bit as much as her parents. Avia is part of the Youtube family channel Shaytards, formed by her father, mother, and four siblings.

Even though the numbers may not agree, Avia and her family are widely regarded as the “first family of Youtube”. She is also responsible for a number of the family’s most successful videos on their Youtube channel. She may not be a princess in real life, but if her family is Youtube’s first family, then Avia “Princess Tard” Butler is royalty in every social media sense of the word. Here is all we know about the young social media personality.

Avia Butler’s Bio and Personal Details

Avia was born on May 4, 2005, in Idaho, the same place she was raised. It is not clear what her academic record looks like so far as there are no records concerning her schooling. However, the young native of Idaho has always wanted to build a career as a social media personality, thanks to an avalanche of inspiration from her family that pulled her in that direction.

Apart from her family’s success with the family Youtube channel, Avia had always harbored an interest to eventually do her own thing. In fact, she launched her personal Youtube channel as early as nine years old and uploaded her first video with her dad titled “An entertainer was born! (Avia starts her own YouTube channel)” on April 5, 2014. However, school, the responsibilities of the family channel and the fact that Avia Butler was frankly still too young saw the channel hit a pause for years. She only started uploading again on July 13, 2018, by uploading the channel’s second video ironically titled, “My First Video”.

Butler’s channel operates a personal vlog format where the young social media gal posts about wonderful moments and memories in her life. Some of her more popular videos include “I Wrote a New Song”, “5 Different People in the A.M.”, “My Everyday Makeup Routine”, “Sister Tag”, “Emmi’s Dance Competition!“, “Reacting to People’s Assumptions about Me”, and “I turned fourteen!!-birthday vlog”. As at 2019, her self-titled channel has over 114,000 subscribers and over 2.5 million total views.

Avia Bulter’s Family

Avia was born to her parents Colette Katy Butler and Shay Carl Butler. Concerning sibling count, she has four of those. She is the second child and first daughter of her parents. Her siblings are Emmi, Gavin, Brock, and Daxton.

Her inspiration comes mostly from her father who is seen as the most successful and popular Youtube and video entrepreneur, a title that was bestowed on him by Forbes. She joined the family business as a toddler and pretty soon she was putting up videos of her own to help the channel. On the Shaytards family channel, Avia Butler goes by the name Princess Tard. A natural vlogger, her videos are a huge part of the Butler family’s success.

Her most popular video on the channel “Forever Love by Danna Richards & Avia Butler”. In the video, Avia is seen playing the piano alongside her mother while they both sing. The video was uploaded on June 21, 2014, and has racked up over 11.5 million views. The Shaytards was launched in October 2008 and has collected over 5 million subscriptions and recorded over 2.8 billion total views. Avia’s parents also have their individual Youtube channels as well as another to promote their merch store Trixin Clothing.


Facts About the Youtuber

Many people only see Avia Butler of the Shaytards – part internet celebrity, part social media junkie. However, the young girl is more than just her family and her social media career. She is also a lover of acrobatics and enjoys doing daring routines that incorporate jumps, flips, and handsprings.

The Youtuber first announced the release of her popular song “Love Can Be Chosen” on her personal channel on August 11, 2018. However, she opted to release the official music video on her family channel two months later. It was uploaded on October 28, 2018, and has been more than 840,000 times.

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