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Ayesha Minhaj has a brother known as Hassan Minhaj who is an accomplished celebrity comedian. A comedian like Hassan who has performed at the White House Correspondent Dinner on May 23, 2017, is a Daily Show Correspondent and has debuted his Homecoming King on Netflix will certainly have brought his family into any or some of his numerous jokes. There is hardly a comedian who keeps his family (joking about them) out of his/her comedy work, that is where Ayesha Minhaj comes in.

She was relatively unknown though doing fine on her own and not as an entertainer until her brother mentioned her in one of his comedy skits where he talked about meeting his sister for the first time, not as a kid and how strange it all felt. Well, that led people to want to know more about this sister of his that stirred a strange feeling in him. Because you have come to learn this as well, we will tell you all there is to know about her biography, family and some quick facts about her.

Ayesha Minhaj’s Biography (Family and Sister)

Ayesha Minhaj first off is not the regular kind of celebrity you have information about them available in every nook and cranny of cyberspace. Not many details about her exist out there but here is what a little bird told us about her –

She is the younger sister to her data sufficient elder brother Hassan. Ayesha’s parents are from Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh, India. She was born in 1989 in India to Najeme and Seema Minhaj an Indian Muslim family who immigrated to Davis, California from India years before she was born. Her father was a chemist in California while her mother was a medical student in India. Her elder brother Hassan Minhaj who she is the only known sister to was born in Davis, California. It is not known if she has another sister either from another mother or her father.

Strange right? It doesn’t add up. Here is how it happened –

When her parents emigrated to California from India, her elder brother Hassan Minhaj was born there and he stayed mostly with his father in California as his mum returned to India to complete her medical school which lasted for 8 years.


In the course of her mum being away back in India for school, Ayesha Minhaj’s father Najeme Minhaj often visited his wife Seema in India and in the event of these visits, Ayesha was conceived and given birth to in India. Seema would later return permanently to the US with her daughter to live with her husband and son who by then was 8 years old.

Ayesha is a successful lawyer who is based in San Fransico. Based on information gleaned from her professional profile on , after graduating from the University of California, Los Angeles with a bachelor’s degree in political science (2007-2010), she secured a job with NBC News as a news associate at the Bay Area station. She worked there for a year as a journalist then went back to school to get a law degree. She enrolled at the University of Pennsylvania Law School in 2012 and graduated with a Doctor of Law in 2015. On 12 March 2015, she got admitted to the State Bar of California.

Ayesha Minhaj had a few summer internships with one at NBC Universal Media, LLC for 3 months from June to August 2013 as a Legal Intern, General Counsel’s Office in Greater Los Angeles Area. She later got a job in Palo Alto, California Office where she is now a Litigation Associate at the office of Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom LLP and Affiliates, a top international firm based in New York City.

Currently, there is not much other information out here about Ayesha Minhaj beyond what we have shared above. However, you will find it interesting to learn about how she came to limelight so to say.

Ayesha and the Public

Ayesha and her brother Hassan didn’t know each other as infants, while Hassan was born in the US, Ayesha was born in India and surprisingly enough their parents didn’t disclose the existence of each to the other.

Hassan disclosed in his Stand Up Planet show that he met Ayeesha Minhaj when he was 8. According to him they brought her over and sat him down in one room while she was in another room. Hassan said, “they brought her in like it was Maury for immigrants.”


He said they announced her to him like “Hasan, you are the brother!” He joked that his father brought out a card for sibling status and said, “Hasan, the results are in…you are the brother!”

Well, what was an awkward first meeting between siblings turned out to be what caused a burst of laughter from the mighties in America. Today, Ayeesha Minhaj and her brother are both successful professionals. Where one is making people laugh and forget their sorrows, the other is arguing cases in court to ensure that justice is done.

Quick facts about Ayesha Minhaj

  • Ayeesha was born in 1989
  • She was born to an Indian Muslim parents
  • Her elder brother was born in California
  • She didn’t know of her elder brother till his brother was 8 years old
  • She is a practising legal practitioner in one of the biggest law firms

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