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Ben Barlow is a Welsh punk singer who is best known for being the frontman and lead vocalist for the popular Welsh band – Neck Deep. He is the vocal powerhouse behind most of the band’s songs and a key member of the group. He plays alongside Matt West, Dani Washington, Fil Thorpe Evans, and Sam Bowden who replaced Lloyd Roberts as the lead guitarist in 2015. It is all thanks to his musical abilities, hard work, and devotion that the band has managed to come so far. They have earned fame and recognition and have succeeded in building a loyal fan base.

The band has received several honors and awards for their work including The Kerang! Award for Best British Newcomer and Best Single in 2014 and 2018 respectively, the 2016 APMA for Best Live Band, and the Rock Sound Award for Best British Band in 2017. They have released three studio albums till date to critical and commercial success; they are Wishful Thinking, Life’s Not Out to Get You, and The Peace and the Panic. They are also working on a number of future projects which should be hitting the public anytime soon and Ben Barlow is set to take the lead position in belting out the lyrics as usual.

Ben Barlow’s Biography (Age)

The Welsh singer was born on July 22, 1994, in Wrexham, Wales. He was raised by his parents along with his two older brothers, one of whom is named Seb. Ben Barlow has not yet disclosed any other pertinent information about his family background, the names of his parents, or the kind of upbringing he had. We are still waiting on him to disclose what schools he attended for his basic and high school education, or what level of academic qualification he has attained.

Ben Barlow’s musical journey began in 2012 when he ran into Lloyd Roberts, a guitarist, while his brother Seb was recording for the band Lloyd played for at the time. They began talking and decided to record something together. The fruit of their collaboration was the song “What Did You Expect?”, which they released online using the name Neck Deep. The song soon garnered a lot of attention with requests for more songs, so Ben and Lloyd added another guitarist, Matt West and Dani Washington, a drummer to the band. Soon after, Fil Thorpe Evans, a bassist joined too and the band was set. They got signed to the American Label, We Are Triumphant in June 2012.

After Neck Deep released their EP, Rain in July, their popularity soared and requests began pouring in for them to play at shows. The band began their first tour in December of that same year and their shows were sold out. Videos from one of their shows were posted online by enthusiastic fans and this led to the label Hopeless Records taking notice of the band. In August 2013, the band signed a deal with Hopeless Records, launching the next phase of their career.

Following the release of their first album, Wishful Thinking, in January 2014, Ben had to drop out of school as he was no longer able to balance the demands of the success that being a member of Neck Deep brought with his educational obligations. During the next few months, Ben Barlow toured with the band, serving as opening acts for a number of established bands and singers. His band released their second album, Life’s Not Out to Get You, in August 2015. A year later, they released their third album, The Peace and the Panic, which was inspired by the death of Ben’s father and the struggle of coming to terms with the reality of his passing. The band has continued to perform their music all across the world.

Ben Barlow’s Height And Other Personal Details

What started out as a bedroom project between Ben and his friend has now become a renowned pop-punk band that has found considerable mainstream success and as a result, Ben Barlow has become a very rich man. He makes the bulk of his money from album sales, ticket sales, tours, and other career engagements. He is estimated to be worth $5 million.

Ben Barlow is a very handsome young man, who is loved by his fans. While he gets plenty of attention, he is not giving in to the advances as he is in a committed relationship. Ben has a girlfriend even though it’s hard to learn anything about her.

It is pretty obvious that the Neck Deep front man is tall, although his exact statistics are not known.

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