Bessy Gatto – Bio, Age and Everything To Know About Joe Gatto’s Wife

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If you are a lover of pranks and impractical jokes, then you will love the show, Impractical Jokers. The show features a quartet of middle-aged men who pull pranks on one another and perform very daring but pretty harmless dares. One of these four men is  who is married to the beautiful Bessy Gatto. She is obviously a good sport as she has been featured in some of their pranks and as a result, become of much interest to viewers of the show. To learn more about Bessy Gatto, keep reading.

Bessy Gatto Bio (Age)

Bessy Gatto is more famous than the average American woman but there is a lot of information about her life as a child or where she was born that is not known. Regardless of the dearth of information about her life, it is known that Bessy was born on the 11th of April in 1982. She is a citizen of the United States of America by birth.

She has found a way to maintain a clear line between her private life and what she chooses to present to the public. It is however known that her parents reside in California. Some of the other information that is not available about the life of Bessy Gatto is her educational history.

Marriage to Joe Gatto

Joe Gatto is what you will call an improvisational comedian. This means he does comedy on the fly and this is fitting because of the line of work he does. He is a member of a troupe of comedians who call themselves The Tenderlions.

This four-man troupe started while all four members of the troupe were in high school, they joined improv classes as kids and although at different points in their lives had regular jobs, they now create comedic content. They are mostly known for the show Impractical Jokers, which, just as the name says, involves the making of impractical jokes, where they dare one another to do ridiculous things, failure to do so attracts a fine

Of the four jokers which is what they call themselves, Joe is the one who is the most difficult to punish and approaches each joke with an eagerness that the other members of the team lack.

Bessy Gatto dated Joe for a while before they got married in 2013 and like all things that have to do with Bessy Gatto, the wedding was a private affair with only their closest friends in attendance. Their marriage made Joe the only one of the four who is married. Gatto now works as her husband, Joe’s business manager.

The couple has two children together, a boy and a girl. Their first child, Milana was born in May of 2015, while they welcomed their son, Francis to the world on the 31st of July 2017.

Facts about Bessy Gatto

• Bessy Gatto is a strict vegetarian who believes that humans do not necessarily need meat to survive. Though it isn’t clear to the public when exactly Gatto began her vegan lifestyle, it is certain that it is something she has been committed to for a while.

• Advocacy for animal rights is something that goes hand in hand with being a vegetarian and Bessy Gatto checks this box as well. She has been reported as being very loyal and vocal in her advocacy.

• Joe Gatto’s wife may not be as popular as her husband in real life but she does pull a crowd on social media. On Instagram alone, she has over eighty thousand followers while on Twitter, she has about eighteen thousand followers, this pales in comparison to the 1 million followers her husband boasts on his Twitter account. Bessy’s social media accounts are a good place to keep up with her recent activities as she doesn’t shy away from sharing them with her fans.

• Bessy Gatto stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches. From her photos, it is quite obvious that Gatto is a smallish woman, who has managed to maintain a healthy figure through two childbirths.

• She once appeared on her husband’s show in an episode where he was dared to kiss a stranger and just as he was about to start the mission, she was brought into the room to make the dare harder for him.

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