Beth Britt – Bio, Net Worth and Interesting Facts About Jeff Hardy’s Wife

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In the world of wrestling, there are some people that will never get missing in the crowd. One of such is who has become famous as a standalone wrestler in the WWE and other professional wrestling promotions and also as one of the duo of the Hardy Brothers. It is also in the fame of Hardy that his wife, Beth Britt shares. Inasmuch as she is a face that is easy to recognize by the true fans of Hardy as she has been with him for more than two decades, not many would be able to tell anything significant about her since she is not a regular celebrity.

Beth Britt Biography

It was on the 6th of April 1978 that Beth Britt was born. She was brought up by both her parents alongside a younger brother Phillip Beth who is also known as Buck. Unfortunately, there is no information available in the public domain as regards how she was brought up and her education.

On his part, her husband was born Jeffrey Nero Hardy in 1977 in North Carolina, the United States. He was brought up together with his siblings, Adeleena Noah Hardy, and Rue Ericka Hardy. Apart from a wrestler, he is also a singer-songwriter and painter. He began his wrestling career in 1993 and has since risen to be one of the best in the ring.

Personal Life

She caught the public’s eye in 1999 when she began dating Jeff Hardy. The two were said to have met that same year in Southern Pines, North Carolina. This was not long after Jeff and his brother, Matt Hardy known as the Hardy Boyz won their first ever WWF Tag Team Championship. The brothers went to a club where Jeff met Beth whom he began dating not too long after.

Not so long later, Beth and Hardy moved in as a couple and maintained their relationship for up to 12 years before they finally got married in 2011. Before the wedding, the couple had already had their daughter, Ruby Claire Hardy whose birth was in 2010. In 2015, they were blessed with yet another child, a daughter, Nera Quinn Hardy.

Net Worth

Beth Hardy is not as much of a regular celebrity as her husband. More so, unlike many other wrestlers who meet and marry people in the wrestling business, Beth does not have any link to wrestling neither is she linked to anything publicly.

With that said, the actual net worth of Beth is not known, just as it is not known her streams of income. Nonetheless, her husband, Jeff Hardy, has a net worth that is estimated at over $12 million. Hardy made a significant part of his fortune from his career as a professional wrestler. He also makes money from his merch.

Interesting Facts About Jeff Hardy’s Wife

1. Although Beth and Jeff Hardy have been together for almost forever, she is not the first woman that he had dated. Before meeting his wife, Hardy dated Mickie James who unsurprisingly, is also in the wrestling business. However, they did not remain together as a couple for a very long time before they parted ways.

2. Beth has been with her husband through his best of times and his worst. For many years in his career, Hardy suffered from drug abuse. The drug issues caused him to be released from WWE in 2009, while also affecting his entire wrestling career. Through the difficult times of drug abuse, Beth has always offered him support and has been one of the major forces behind him coming out atop of the situation.

3. In the wrestling world, Jeff Hardy and Beth Britt have one of the most stable and interesting marriages through the years, having been married for close to 10 years and have dated for more than 20.

4. In 2009 when Jeff’s brother, Matt Hardy posted a video that suggested he was planning to commit suicide. it got his fans worried enough to get the police involved, who instead of going to Matt’s house, went to Jeff Hardy’s which did not sit well with Beth. She called him out of social media stating that he was only trying to get attention.

5. A woman with much beauty, Beth has a height of 5 feet 8 inches against her husband who stands at 6 feet 1 inches (185 cm).


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