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Beyonce is an Iconic figure who has graced the music scene for nearly two decades and doesn’t seem to be slowing down any time soon. Apart from her numerous awards thanks to chart topping singles and albums, her illustrious career in showbiz has also been defined by her great body.

She has what many consider the perfect female body and countless ladies the world over admire her great physique. She has a well toned body and legs, making her the perfect poster for a beautiful woman. Is it that Beyonce was naturally born with such an incredible body or does she work out and to gain that great body and legs?

Beyonce’s struggle with body image

Beyonce has had body insecurities and she has even gone ahead to say that she is not naturally the thinnest woman on the planet. She struggles with prescribed diets and in finding something that really works for her. Just like any other lady who has to constantly watch her weight, Beyonce goes through the same ordeal and can never be seen to be too fat because that would make good fodder for the gossip websites. Beyonce has had to go on a to shed off weight when she felt that she had added some extra pounds. She became leaner and with a firmer skin after following a 22 day nutrition program.

All people see is the perfect body but the real struggle is far beyond the flashing lights. The struggle with her insecurities puts her in a state where she has to constantly watch her weight and stay healthy by maintaining the well toned body and legs that she has been identified with for the better part of her career.

Beyonce’s post-pregnancy body

Beyonce gained a lot of weight when she was pregnant with her daughter Blue Ivy. Child birth changes the body of a woman in so many different ways, more especially the loss of the ideal female figure and gaining of excess body fat. Many women struggle with losing baby fat after giving birth, some never managing at all to shed the extra pounds. It was amazing to see that Beyonce had shed off the extra pounds and had her well toned body in display just a few months after delivery.

This doesn’t just happen on its own because it takes great work to actually regain your pre-pregnancy figure after child birth. She mixed a healthy diet plan with a thorough fitness routine to achieve this feat. Her legs became tighter and muscular while her waistline returned to normal thanks to three ninety minutes sessions of fitness routine per week. Most people thought it was pure magic for her to get back in shape so fast after giving birth but as she revealed, it boiled down to discipline and pure determination to stay fit. Her perfect body that so many men around the world fantasize about is the result of hard work.

Beyonce’s well toned legs

During her high energy performances dressed in short skirts, it’s hard to miss Beyonce’s well toned and muscular legs. Her thighs always seem tight with no sign of excess body fat. The dance routines on stage obviously help her in exercising but the real reason behind her well shaped legs and toned thighs is a rigorous exercise routine. Assisted by her trainer, she does such fitness exercises like squats, pelvic lifts and jumping lunges.

These exercises are not for people without resolve and persistence and they are actually very difficult for beginners. She has maintained a regular workout program that has so far helped her in having such well toned thighs and incredible legs.

In their quests to have an incredible body like Beyonce’s, most ladies resort to shortcuts to achieve instant results. Some of the methods that they employ to get these results have serious side effects that may leave them with permanent deformities. Beyonce is a star and as such most people assume that she doesn’t go through body insecurities because she is so perfect.

Just like everyone else, she struggles to achieve the incredible body that she has. Nothing comes by chance and she keeps a tight fitness program that not only helps her stay healthy but also have a great body and well toned legs.

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