Brandon Clark – What To Know About Bianca Devins’ Alleged Killer

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The news about the brutal murder of the social media personality, Bianca Devins, went viral in the days after her death. The hideous crime was committed by a young man who has been identified as Brandon Clark. The alleged killer also went out of his way to gain publicity from his crime as he uploaded the graphic pictures of Bianca’s body online. This caused chaos online as users on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, 4Chan, and Discord frowned at the gruesome images Clark was sharing. Moreso there has been numerous sides to the story, but read on to get all the facts about Bianca Devin’s alleged killer.

Who Is Brandon Clark?

Brandon Andrew Clark is a young man who was born on the 10th of June 1997. He has not been a popular figure in the past so there is no information about his background. However, it is known that his home was in New York City and it was from there that he traveled down to Utica to see Bianca.

The pair went out to attend a music show by the Canadian artist, Nicole Dollenganger on Sunday the 14th of July 2019. Clark was supposed to take Bianca back home but that never happened. Apparently, the good time he had in mind was contrary to what Bianca was up for. She is reported to have declined his sexual advances on several occasions.

Brandon Clark, who was reportedly obsessed with the young lady, was angered by the fact that Bianca was flirting with another man that day, this resulted in him killing her brutally. Moreso, it is known that the pair had earlier been smoking and were under the influence of the strong substance at the time of her death.

What To Know About Brandon Clark – Bianca Devins’ Alleged Killer

1. Brandon Clark Is A Close Friend To Bianca Devins And Her Family

After the gruesome death of the young social media personality, many sites carried the news that she met Brandon Clark online and it was just a casual hook up. However, Bianca’s sister has spoken on the issue and she revealed that contrary to the rumor spreading about Clark being a stalker her sister met online, he was a family friend. The accused was very close to Bianca and her family members and he was not a stranger nor did he showcase any signs of being a stalker.

2. The Accused Shared Pictures Of Bianca’s Corpse On Instagram

After brutally killing the young lady, Brandon Clark took to Instagram to share photos of Bianca’s lifeless body. He even uploaded one that showed the lifeless body of the girl sitting with her throat slit. He even took a picture of himself close to a covered object which is believed to have been Bianca’s corpse and captioned it online with the words ‘I’m sorry Bianca’. He also went on to share the gruesome pictures on the 4Chan and Discord sites, attaching a message with demeaning content.

3. He Wanted To Commit Suicide After Killing Bianca Devins

Apart from killing Bianca in cold blood, the young man was also determined to end his own life. Brandon Clark wrote on his Facebook page that he was going to end everything and apologized for disappointing his family and friends. He even uploaded a picture of himself wearing a bloodstained shirt while holding a knife. That same period, he uploaded the dates ’10/06/1997 – 07/14/2019′ indicating his birth date and intended death date.

However, his plans failed as he was found by the police not too long after he slit his throat open. Brandon Clark was rushed to St. Elizabeth Medical Center in Utica and was immediately booked for surgery.

4. Brandon Clark Has Been Arrested By The Police

On Sunday, July 14th, 2019, the police unit of Utica were able to nab Clark during his suicide attempt. This was made possible by users of the 4Chan site and Discord who repeatedly called the police when Bianca’s dead picture started to go viral. The alleged killer’s location was confirmed but on arrival at the scene, Brandon Clark started to cut his throat.

It was the police who took him to the hospital for his surgery but he was unable to give a statement even after his surgical procedure as he was sedated. Brandon Clark was held in the custody of Utica Police Department while awaiting trial on account for the murder of Bianca Devins.

5. His Social Media Accounts Have Been Disabled

Brandon Clark’s social media pages on platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been deactivated. It was made known that Brandon Clark violated the code of conduct established by the social media sites when he shared those hideous pictures of Bianca’s body after killing her. The public display of his brutal actions went against the laid down rules set by the social media platforms.

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