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Brian Kibler’s name rings a bell for three main reasons; he is known as a collectible card game player, a streamer and a game designer. One of the games he has designed is Ascension: Chronicle of the Godslayer; which he created alongside other games designers like John Fiorillo, Justin Gary and Rob Dougherty.

He is also credited for helping to design Drawing Dead, he worked on Chaotic and SolForge and was the lead designer for World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and is also as a design consultant for Eternal.

Brian Kibler’s Biography (Age)

Kibler was born on the 7th day of September 1980 in the town of Hampstead, New Hampshire (where he was also raised) as Brian McCormick Kibler.

He is an alumnus of Phillips Academy – a boarding school located in Andover, Massachusetts and of Emory University Atlanta, Georgia, where he graduated with a degree in Philosophy and Religion.


He began his career (Magic: The Gathering) in 1995 at the young age of fifteen. He competed in the Junior Division of the first-ever Pro Tour – the 1996 New York Pro Tour and took the 30th position. In 1997, he made a huge breakthrough by qualifying for the 1997 Pro Tour Chicago after he won the Grand Prix in Toronto. All the other people that made it to the top 8 of Grand Prix Toronto all worked together at Wizards of the Coast.

Later that same year (1997), Kibler attended the Pro Tour Los Angeles for the 1997–1998 season and was among the Top 64, unfortunately, he did not return to the Pro Tour until the 1999–2000 season. In 2000, Brian made it to the top 8 at the Pro Tour Chicago 2000.

At this tournament, he earned the name Dragonmaster, following his defeat of Jon Finkel in the Swiss rounds and Zvi Mowshowitz in the quarterfinals. He, unfortunately, lost to Kai Budde in the semi-finals and came third in the overall standings. This tournament became Brian Kibler’s last before he retired at the end of the 2004 season.

After several years, Kibler made a huge return in 2009, he explained that his decision to return was to enter for the Magic: The Gathering Hall of Fame which was instituted in 2010 – a year after his retirement. His return actually came with so many surprises as he soon made it to the consecutive Pro Tour Top 8 and Top 8 at Pro Tour Honolulu before recording his first Pro Tour at Pro Tour Austin after defeating Tsuyoshi Ikeda in the finals.

By the end of 2009, he was named among the year’s best top 10 performers on the Magic Pro Tour,  he earned enough points that guaranteed him invites to not just major championships but free air travel and most importantly, a guaranteed appearance fee for attending all 2010 events. These were gradually bringing him closer to his dream to be inducted into the Gathering Hall of Fame.

Also in 2010, he was among the 6th voted by the player committee for possible induction into the 2009 Hall of Fame. His dream finally came to pass after his third Grand Prix title and another Pro Tour Top 8. He was inducted into the Hall of Fame Class of 2010 alongside French professional card player Gabriel Nassif and Dutch Magic: The Gathering player Bram Snepvangers.

His career didn’t end with his being inducted into the Hall of Fame, in 2012, he entered for yet another Pro Tour Top 8 at Pro Tour Dark Ascension in Honolulu – the fifth in his career. He made it to the semi-finals where he again defeated Jon Finkel to face his teammate Paulo Vitor Damo da Rosa in the finals and defeated him in a 3–2 win – his second Pro Tour title.

This win secured him a place in the first Magic Players Championship where he emerged as the United States National Champion, earning the highest number of Pro Points. Brian Kibler also won the ChallengeStone tournaments in 2015 and 2016 respectively. He took second place in the GEICO Brawl #1 in 2015 and at the 2016 BlizzCon.

Brian has served as a commentator on Hearthstone tournament, he has also been streaming his Hearthstone gameplay on Twitch.

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Net Worth

There is no specific figure available online as the exact amount Brian Kibler is actually worth but as of 2017, he had a total of $279,747 in winnings which placed him at #11 of all time earnings; and at #18 on the same list in 2018.

Brian Kibler’s Wife

In 2014, 12th October to be specific, Kibler proposed to his girlfriend Natalie Warren, in Honolulu, Hawaii after taking part in the Pro Tour Khans of Tarkir. The following year, the couple tied the knot.

Kibler and Natalie have a Pomeranian mix, which they gave a Japanese name.

Other Facts

Kibler is colour blind. He is also active on social media and has a running Youtube channel with over 400,000 subscribers.

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