Brittani Louise Taylor – Bio & Facts About The YouTube Star Turned Author

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If one path to success fails, don’t fret it; retrace your steps and try another route. Brittani Louise Taylor is living proof that there isn’t only one path to success for each and everybody. She has gone from budding actress to YouTube sensation, mother, and author.

At every turn, Brittani has shown that she can turn her challenges to triumphs on a personal or business level. The YouTuber is known for her immense success on YouTube and especially for her eponymously-titled YouTube channel Brittani Louise Taylor which has made her one of the most subscribed female content creators on the video streaming platform.

Brittani Louise Taylor’s Early Life

Taylor was born in Minnesota, on August 24, 1983. She has opted to keep most details of her personal life away from the prying eyes of the media. It is known, however, that Brittani has one sibling, a brother named Blake, with whom she grew up in Arizona.

Her father’s name is Robert Taylor and her mother’s name is Barbara Taylor. Her mother memorably appeared on one of her more popular videos which she titled “MOM TAG”.

For her high school education, Brittani enrolled in and graduated from Sedona Red Rock High School. It was here that she started developing the zeal to be an actress. She became active in her high school’s drama and theatre department and appeared in a few school stage productions as well.

Her passion for acting only increased with each passing year but when she finally graduated, she won an art scholarship to Arizona State University to study marketing and business.

Just into her degree, Brittani Louise Taylor dropped out and relocated to Los Angeles to pursue her dreaming of becoming an actress. However, things didn’t pan out the way she had hoped. She had tried out at numerous auditions and had only gotten bit-part roles in a few independent movies and television shows. The wannabe actress then decided it was time to plot a recourse.

She forayed into YouTube vlogging in 2009, using the pseudonym Rhonda Anthony Tanner. She didn’t make much headway until she filmed a video with veteran Youtuber, Shane Dawson, that depicted a breakup via email. The video quickly went viral and her popularity followed suit. It was only after this success that she started posting videos under her real name.

Facts About The YouTube Star Turned Author

1. Brittani Louise Taylor is a mother

The Youtuber attained mommy status sometime in 2016 with the birth of her child, a son Misha. She had Misha with her boyfriend at the time, a Serbian named Milos Mihajlovic.

They had been dating and got engaged shortly before she found out she was pregnant for him. Brittani is rumored to have been in two other relationships between 2010 and 2014. The two names believed to be her ex-boyfriends in that time period were Joey Anderton and Steven Winter. Besides these prior relationships, the YouTuber claims that she was a virgin until Milos.

2. Her relationship with Milos was the worst period of her life

Brittani says she was not taken to Milos at first but eventually decided to date him. He presented himself as a doctor from war-torn Serbia whose parents held prime positions in his home country’s military.

She kept her relationship with him away from her followers for a time but finally revealed it on Snapchat. Milos, throughout his time with her also appeared in some of her videos.

Brittani Louise Taylor recalls it as being the worst period of her life. This is because she soon started finding out horrific truths about her partner. For one, he wasn’t a doctor and his parents didn’t work in the Serbian military.

He also faked having cancer and had Brittani pay for his treatment. Milos also tried to use Taylor’s connections to commit real estate fraud. The last straw, however, was when Brittani started to suspect that Mihajlovic was trying to secure a Serbian passport for their son, possibly to take him away to Serbia. She then informed her lawyer and the appropriate authorities so they could keep an eye on Milos.

3. One of Milos’ former victims helped Brittani to build a case against him

Among the litany of tragic discoveries Brittani was making about her fiancé was the fact that he had a wife in Serbia. However, at the period of this discovery, the older Serbian woman was in the process of divorcing Milos.

Brittani Louise Taylor’s eventually got in touch with a woman named Bunny who helped her build her case against him. Bunny was a victim of Milos fraudulent schemes in the past. He had also dated her and scammed her of some serious amount of money.

All the while Brittani was keeping up appearances with her YouTube followership. It was only much later that she revealed how sour her relationship with the Serbian had gotten.

Taylor eventually won the battle against Milos and full custody over their son. She also legally ditched the name Misha for her son and changed it to Rex. This is because Milos was the one who picked Misha as his name. She also took out a restraining order on him so he has no visitation rights.


4. Brittani wrote a book about her experiences with Milos

There were a lot of loopholes that her fans noticed while she was going through her ordeal. For instance, she would go on unannounced hiatuses from YouTube.

When she had finally put everything behind her and regained the sanity in her life, Brittani Louise Taylor decided to pen a tell-all book about the darkest period of her life. She titled it A Sucky Love Story: Overcoming Unhappily Ever After. The book was released on December 4, 2018.

She believes her survival story can help other people out there going through a relationship hell to know that there is life after the struggle.

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