Brittany Byrd – Biography, Relationship With Lil Uzi Vert And Other Facts

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When it comes to talent, there is no boundary for expression which is the rule that governs the life and career of the creative artist Brittany Byrd. She is not the typical expression of the every-day girl as the youngster always finds a way to add depth, emotions and various interpretations to the otherwise normal appearance. Brittany is notable for her eccentric looks and her pink-colored hair that has a way of making her stand out in any crowd.

Besides being known for her talent, her dalliance with rap sensation, got her a somewhat more permanent spot in the limelight. Like the talented artist she is, she stepped up to the challenge and created her own world which her fans are crazy about. Today, Brittany has thousands of followers on Instagram and she is known to have worked with a lot of big names in Hollywood.

Brittany Byrd’s Biography

The trending creative artist was born on March 23rd, 1994, in the United States of America. Her date of birth falls under the astrological sign of Aries which accounts for Brittany Byrd’s stylish, creative and fiery traits. We also gathered that the designer’s looks were influenced by her interest in the colorful neighborhood called Harajuku in Japan. Moreover, as a child, she strongly admired the singer who is renowned for her colorful look.

The young celebrity revealed that she commenced changing the color of her hair from 5th grade. She has always been brave about making a statement via her looks from an early age and she loves to play around with different shades of colors. Upon completion of high school, Brittany Byrd pursued her dream to further enhance her creative side by enrolling into Parsons School of Design where she studied Strategic Design and Management.

The talented artist successfully completed her education and with the passion to unleash her skills, she opened up a studio named BYRDLORE where she makes spectacular pieces of furniture. For Britany, her art has no limit as she is also doing great works as a fashionista. She created an art collection named Glitter Tears that is made up of various pictures taken on the set of her productions.

Moreso, Brittany Byrd is known to have been employed by Kode Magazine as their Fashion Editor and she is a one-time Marketing Director for the popular Studio Six point Six.

Her Relationship With Lil Uzi Vert

It will be hard to talk about the creative artist without making mention of her famous musician boyfriend Lil Uzi. Brittany Byrd and Lil Uzi’s relationship kicked off when they were introduced by a close friend of theirs. Since then, it has been an on again off again situation that has had them become news headlines more often than we can count on one hand. In 2016, it was believed that their love affair was absolutely over as the singer made a controversial tweet that said ‘Change your life overnight now it over…Done…We are done’.

This got their fans speculating that he had called it quits with his creative girlfriend. Furthermore, there were rumors that Brittany had cheated on him but Lil Uzi Vert came to her defense saying it was not true.

Not too long after his tweet went viral, the rapper shocked many yet again when he shared a picture of himself and Brittany which he captioned ‘More than friends’. He also revealed in an interview that as a musician, it is normal to have a very chaotic relationship but irrespective of all that, he still loved Brittany Byrd for who she is and the feeling is mutual for her too. Although people speculate that the whole breakup episode was just a publicity stunt to help the rapper gain more fans, many more seem to think that they have something special going on.

Other Facts About Brittany Byrd

It is interesting to note that Brittany has worked for the popular singer, as a stylist and personal assistant.

She appeared in the music video of her boyfriend titled ‘Money Longer’.

In 2013, Brittany worked with the singer, Chris Brown for his appearance on Annex Man Magazine.

She loves to meditate and drink green tea daily.

The creative artist’s dress style is always targeted at being comfortable.

Brittany Byrd loves to carry around a journal to enable her pen down her ideas as they pop up in her mind.

She has a tattoo that reads ‘333’ on her hand which she revealed is an inspiration as number 3 happens to be her lucky number.

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