C9 Sneaky – Bio, Girlfriend, Sister, Age, Height, Net Worth, Is He Gay?

Sneaky's Net Worth as of April 2024 is $3 Million

Quick Facts of Sneaky

Net Worth$3 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 5 in
Date of Birth19 March, 1994
ProfessionMedia Personalities

One of the best AD Carries from North America since 2012, C9 Sneaky has been popular as a staple for Cloud9 since its inception. He was previously with Ordinance gaming where he functioned as a Mid Laner.

He then made a quick transition into an AD Carry, moving around some NA teams, notable among them is Team Dignitas.

He eventually made his final stop at Quantic Gaming and alongside the C9 original roster which includes him, Hai, Meteos, Balls, as well as LemonNation, they all qualified for NA LCS- North America League of Championship Series.

They dominated the competition, winning it in their debut split, however, in spite of the fact that they dominated in NA LCS, Cloud9 was defeated by Fnatic during the Quarterfinals match of the third season during the world championship.

The next year, the team was able to emerge as the winner of the Spring Split once more, but during the finals of the Summer, they were defeated by Team SoloMid.

Since then, C9 Sneaky has been on a self-imposed mission to bag the NA LCS for the third time, as well as to finally proceed past the round of Quarterfinals at a World Championship and he has achieved this at the 2018 World Championship, alongside the other C9 members.

Furthermore, C9 Sneaky has succeeded in winning more than a few awards and accolades alongside his Cloud9 team. Notable among his awards are Summer NA LCS which he won in 2013 and the 2014 Spring NA LCS was won by his team.

He ranked 2nd in NA LCS Spring of both 2015 and 2017 in addition to several other playoffs he has won.

Why was Sneaky removed from C9?

Sneaky has said that he left due to benchings that took place and he discussed how he didn’t want to compete and for the first time he was benched was “unreasonable”.

C9 Sneaky Age, Bio

His given name is Zachary Scuderi, he was born in Winter-Spring in Florida, the United States of America on the 19th of March 1994.

Source: Flickr

The name of his high school was not given but it is known that he definitely had a high school education as records have it that it was during his years in high school that C9 Sneaky became conscious of the fact that he was really good in video games.

In fact, he was way better than many of his friends who played with him. The promising gamer later enrolled in Florida Atlantic University with the intention of studying Computer Science but gradually, he began to lose interest in academics, focusing more on gaming.

In the long run, he made the conscious decision to quit his studies and face video gaming squarely. His family was not happy with his decision but they still hope that one day, he will go back to get a college degree since he is so clever.

Career As A Gamer

During his early days of video gaming, C9 Sneaky went by the name SnEaKyCaStRoO but later changed to Sneaky. He is also popular in the gaming world as Sneaky Castro.

Before becoming a professional in League of Legends, he tried his hands at Heroes of Newerth, as well as World of Warcraft and he has revealed that he has plans to end up as a coach in the future.

Source: Liquipedia

Aside from gaming, the gamer also enjoys a few TV series like Dexter and Breaking Bad. We also learned that C9 Sneaky is naturally left-handed but plays his games with his right hand and very few know that he is color blind but this does not pose a problem since it does not affect his gaming.

Currently, he is doing a full-time stream on Twitch with his teammates. He returned for the Special LCS showmatch where the Old Cloud9 team was recalled to face TSM Classic which consists of The OddOne, WildTurtle, Dyrus, VoyBoy(who has replaced Reginald) and ZXpecial.

Does Sneaky stream for C9?

Sneaky is a full-time streamer for C9 and he still remains the owner of C9 but he will be stepping away from pro scene for now.

C9 Sneaky’s Family: Sister

Not much is known about the gamer’s family life but records have it that his mum’s name is Beth and he has a sister called

His father’s name is not known but it has been revealed that he passed away some years back and C9 Sneaky is now the head of his family which has been described as a middle-class one.

Is Sneaky part-owner of C9?

Yes. Sneaky is the current owner of C9 and also a full-time streamer. He is a League of Legends esports player.

Who Is C9 Sneaky’s Girlfriend Or Is He Gay?

There is a dearth of information on his relationship history but the records have it that C9 Sneaky is currently having a dalliance with Esther Lynn, who is popular for her sexy boudoirs and cosplays.

Source: Reddit

There is no indication that C9 Sneaky is gay, besides he is currently enjoying a love relationship with the opposite sex which points to the fact that his sexual orientation is straight but this may change if he decides otherwise.

Will Sneaky return to LCS?

Sneaky was absent in the year 2020 but he made his return in 2021 and he was in talks with Dignitas to return to LCS in 2021.

C9 Sneaky’s Net Worth

Sources have pegged the young gamer’s net worth at a tidy $3 million as of 2022, and his earnings as a professional in the league of Legends so far came to over $128,000.

C9 Sneaky has also featured in several tournaments for his team and has come out successful in many of them which have also gone ahead to swell his net worth.

C9 Sneaky’s wealth is expected to be more than this figure in his next review.

Who replaced Sneaky?

Cloud9 has made controversial change in the team when they replaced Sneaky with former TSM player Jesper ‘Zven’ Svenningston.

C9 Sneaky’s Height & Weight

C9 Sneaky’s height is 5 feet 5 inches (167cm) and he weighs 70 kg.

Source: Esportspedia

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