Caleb Bratayley Biography and Cause of Death Revealed

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Caleb Bratayley was a young American boy who gained fame with his family via their YouTube vlogging channel Bratayley. Think of them as an online version of the Kardashians, but of course with less drama. Caleb, a sports and game lover would later create his own channel called blazenoutlaws which was also popular.

Unfortunately, on the 1st of October 2015, the Bratayleys took to their official Instagram page to announce that Caleb had tragically passed away. The reason was originally stated as due to natural causes, but as expected in such cases as this, not many immediately believed the story with some suspecting a foul play.

However, further details revealing that Caleb had a medical condition that went unnoticed over the years settled the matter on the cause of Caleb’s death. Here is all you need to know about the late youngster.

Caleb Bratayley Biography

Caleb was born Caleb Logan LeBlanc on July 13, 2002, in Georgia, as the first child of Katie and Billy LeBlanc. He was the only male child of his family and had two sisters named Hayley (born September 2, 2008) and Annie (December 5, 2004).

On the 30th of September, 2010, his parents created a YouTube channel for his youngest sister Hayley and named it Bratayley, a pseudonym of “brat” and “Hayley.” A channel that was created just as a joke would come to thrust the entire family into the limelight. Caleb and the rest of his family soon began featuring in the channel and it rapidly turned to a family vlog.

Caleb’s personality as a funny and talented boy was immediately apparent on the channel. Nicknamed baked potato, Caleb created the ‘I am a Baked Potato’ closing song of their vlog. He loved sports and played baseball in school as a catcher. On the baseball field, Caleb was nicknamed Wheels because he was a fast runner.

The bloke was known for his love for the Minecraft video game which he played on his blazenoutlaws channel. His favorite food was macaroni and cheese while his best colors were black and purple.

Caleb also appeared in other channels created by his family members, including; TruthPlusDare, and OMMyGoshTV. These two channels were created by his dad who serves in the US Navy as a means of helping other YouTubers gain access to an audience that wouldn’t have originally known them.

Their Bratayley channel has garnered over 1 billion views, a feat that got them signed on to Disney’s Maker Studios.

Caleb’s Cause of Death Revealed

The sudden death of Caleb Bratayley on the 1st of October 2015 at his family home in Maryland came as a huge shock to his fans worldwide. Caleb’s cause of death was originally reported to be a natural cause.

A few days after the initial report, his family updated that Caleb passed away as a result of an undetected medical condition. That medical condition was later discovered to be Hypertrophic Cardiomyopathy, which in plain English means a disease that causes the heart muscle to thicken beyond the norm so it is unable to effectively pump blood.


The family had suspected the disease before doctors confirmed it and said that the family had a history of the disease. However, Caleb never showed symptoms all through his life and the disease remained undetected through all of his medical check-ups. Research confirms that many people who live with the disease can go years without symptoms and live a normal life like an average healthy human.

Following Caleb’s death, his two sisters Annie and Hayley got checked for signs of the disease but nothing was found. Some of Caleb’s organs were donated to save lives.

Caleb had made a video titled “Dear Future Self” a day before his death. In that video, posted on the 3rd of October, he gave an answer to a question one of his fans had asked about what he would ask his future self. Being his usual funny self, Caleb’s question was: “Is Taco Bell Still Around?”

Eight days after his death, Caleb’s family made his memorial service available for his fans to watch via live stream on Facebook and Periscope. In his honor, his blazenoutlaws channel was renamed to The Arrow Faction, a Collab Channel.

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