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In Hollywood, some actors are known to be the kings and queens of stunts and that is where you would find Japanese-American, Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa. a talented sports physiologist, martial artist, and stuntman who is known for his portrayal of a villain in the films Mortal Kombat, Pearl Harbor, and Tekken. Let’s take a glimpse at his bio, family life and other salient details about this multi-talented actor.

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa’s Bio

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa was born September 27, 1950, in Azabu, Tokyo, Japan to his father, a former US Army officer and his mother, who was an actress. Due to his father’s occupation which saw him posted to different stations in the U.S like Fort Bragg in North Carolina, Fort Polk in Louisiana and Fort Hood in Texas, Cary spent most of his childhood and teenage years moving from city to city.

He, however, completed his high school education at the Duarte High School where he is said to have picked interest in martial arts and eventually he attended the University of Southern California and was part of the school’s exchange students to Japan.

Upon graduation from the University of Southern California, Cary took various jobs while pursuing his career in acting. He got into the entertainment industry in 1985 and two years later in 1987, he got his big break in the film The Last Emperor where he was cast as Eunuch Chang. Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa also landed a role in the popular 1989 film Licence to Kill where he played the role of Kwang, a secret agent working for the Hong Kong Narcotics Board. This was followed by his role in the film The Last Warrior as Imperial Marine that same year.

Aside from films, Cary has also been featured in television sitcoms like Miami Vice where he played two roles in 1987 as well as in 1989 as Kenji Fujitsu and Tegoro respectively. He was also in the 1987 sitcoms MacGyver as an Asian Buyer, The Colbys as Mr. Sung and Star Trek: The Next Generation as Mandarin Bailiff. He appeared in only one TV series in 1988 titled Hotel as Inspector Chin but in the next year, he landed roles in series like Superboy Knots Landing, Moonlighting, A Peaceable Kingdom, Alien Nation, and the notable Mission: Impossible.

During the 1990s, he also made appearances in sitcoms like Baywatch, Babylon 5, Vengeance Unlimited and Seven Days amongst several others. Although Cary was not seen in many sitcoms in early 2000’s aside from the WalkerTexas Ranger and Hawaii, the Japanese-American actor subsequently landed roles in top-rated films like Hawaii Five-0, Teen Wolf, The Man in the High Castle (in which he has been cast from 2015 to date), Grim, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (as the voice of Sumo Kuna), Star Wars Rebels and Lost in Space (where he is presently being cast as Hiroki Watanabe).

Who Are Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa Siblings?

The Japanese-American actor is said to have just one sibling who is his brother Greg Tagawa but not much is known about him. The only pointer to the fact that he has a brother is when he revealed in an interview sometime in 2015. He mentioned in that interview that their parents sent both of them to Sunday School when they moved to the U.S in order for them to embrace the Christian faith. Cary described Greg as being more of an American than him as he easily got into the American Christian movement.


In 2013, Cary is said to have worked with Orthodox Christians, Pyotr Mamonov and Ivan Okhlobystin who greatly influenced him and by November 12, 2015, he took the baptism sacrament at the church, Joy of All Who Sorrow in Moscow, Russia making him a full-fledged Orthodox Christian.

Wife, Children

The License To Kill actor is not a man who displays his personal life but from what is gathered he is known to have been married to Sally Tagawa but the pair got divorced in 2014, however, no records of their actual marriage date have been made public. Prior to that, Cary is said to have been in a relationship with  Illiana Fischer although it was rumored he was married to her, however, no proof has been found. He is the father of three children named Calen, Brynne, and Cana.

Height, Weight

Cary-Hiroyuki Tagawa is a well-built man and uses his great physique to create the desired effect in his movie roles – which mostly see him play the part of the protagonist. He is known to have a weight of about 83 kg and a height of 5 feet 9 inches to go with it.

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