Charles Manson – Bio, Children, Wife, Family, Dead Or Alive, What Did He Do?

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American cult leader Charles Manson was the head and founder of a hippie group known as Manson family who was involved in several high profile murder cases. Manson also happens to be the child of a notorious prostitute and he was linked to several burglary cases during his formative years.

More so, the notorious criminal believed strongly in the philosophy of Scientology and preached same to his hippie loyalists who look up to him as their leader. They actually believed him to be “Jesus” as he usually claimed and also believed his prophecies of a possible race war.

Apart from his criminal side, Manson was also a singer and he is associated with the founding member of The Beach Boys – Dennis Wilson who was paying for studio time for the recording of Manson’s songs. Subsequently, Wilson introduced him to notable personalities like Terry Melcher and Gregg Jakobson. After he was convicted, his recorded tracks hit the music scene and bands like Guns N’ Roses, White Zombie, and Marilyn Manson has covered many of his tracks.

Charles Manson – Biography

The notorious criminal was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, U.S.A on the 12th of November 1934. His mother Kathleen Maddox was an unmarried teenager who became pregnant after an affair with Colonel W. H. Scott Sr. Charles is obviously an American national but his ethnicity is not known since it is believed that his biological dad was a light-skinned black American. Records also have it that he was initially named Charles Milles Maddox but got his last name of Manson when his mum got married to William Manson.

Charles Manson never had a rosy childhood as his mum earned a living as a prostitute and she was a heavy drinker who once abandoned him with a barmaid just for a pitcher of beer. Subsequently, he went over to live with his aunt in McMechen, West Virginia when his mum got detained for a case of robbery in 1939. Manson was retrieved in 1942 when his mum eventually received parole and they started living in run-down hotel rooms.

His years as a student can be described as tumultuous, due to incessant crimes and juvenile delinquency which orchestrated him being sent to Gibault School located in Terre Haute, Indiana – a school exclusively for male delinquents managed by priests in the Catholic Church. There was even a time Charles Manson absconded from the school but he was taken back there by his mum.

Family: Wife & Children

Charles Manson went through a couple of marriages and divorce during his lifetime and his first foray into matrimony was in 1955 with a hospital waitress named Rosalie Jean Willis but they were divorced two years later in 1957 though they share a son called Charles Manson Jr. His second marriage was to a prostitute named Leona Candy Steven in 1959 and the union lasted till 1963 before their separation and ultimate divorce.

After the end of his second marriage, Manson did not go into a third one, rather he was satisfied with having a series of affairs. He even had a third child- a son called Valentine Michael with Mary Burner – one of his Manson family members. When the notorious gang leader was arrested, Michael was placed with another family as an adoptive child.

More so, it is known that while still in prison, Charles Manson maintained a relationship with one of his followers, Afton Elaine Burton whom he later got engaged to in November 2014 but the pair never got married.

What Did He Do?

The leader of the Manson family is best described as one of the most notorious murderers in the US and he was convicted for cases of nine murders. However, there was really no evidence that Charles Manson was physically involved in the murders but he masterminded each and every one of them but accomplished the physical act through his loyal followers who were the actual killers.

Notable among his murder cases is the murder of Sharon Tate – the film director Roman Polanski’s wife who was eight months pregnant at the time she was killed. In addition to killing Sharon, Manson also murdered Voytek Frykowski, Abigail Folger, and Jay Sebring who were Sharon’s visitors. The long list went further to include Steve Parent who came to visit Sharon’s groundskeeper, Willam Garretson on that fateful day.

Interesting, records have it that, Charles Manson did not touch any of his victims, however, the rules of accomplice liability deemed him as culpable as the people who carried out his instructions. He received a death sentence upon his conviction but it was commuted to life imprisonment in 1972 by the State of California.

Is Charles Manson Dead Or Alive?

The notorious criminal is, however, no more as his death occurred on the 19th of November 2017 as a result of natural causes. Prior to his demise, Charles Manson was on admission at a Bakersfield, California hospital but the details of his medical condition were never made public for security reasons.

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