Charlotte Brosnan – Bio, Life And Death Of Pierce Brosnan’s Daughter

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The British actress Charlotte Brosnan is best described as a calm, gentle and charitable soul who was loved by many who knew her personally as well as her fans. Charlotte who had only a number of film appearance which includes her debut film NYPD Blue, The Nephew, The Disappearance of Kelvin Johnson and a couple of others is remembered for her impressive performances that left film lovers expectant for her return to the silver screen. However, such hopes will never be fulfilled as the lovely daughter of was lost to ovarian cancer in 2013.

Charlotte Brosnan’s Bio

Charlotte Brosnan whose birth name was Charlotte Emily Harris was born into the home of Cassandra Harris a popular actress and Dermot Harris a Producer, in the city of London, England. Her birth took place on the 27th of November 1971.

Although she lost her biological father as a teenager, the actress got another father figure when her mum married the popular James Bond actor Pierce Brosnan from whom Charlotte got the surname Brosnan.

The actress has a total of four siblings namely Christopher his brother with whom she shares the same biological parents as well as Sean, Paris, and who are her step-siblings. In December 1991, Charlotte’s mum died after suffering from ovarian cancer and some years down the line, Pierce Brosnan married Keely Shaye Smith – the mother of Dylan Brosnan and Paris Brosnan.

 Life of The Actress

Charlotte’s upbringing in the home of the 007 movie star gave her a glimpse into the world of entertainment. However irrespective of the fact that she was surrounded by parents who had made it big in the entertainment industry it did not affect her upbringing that much as she was brought up just like every other normal kid.

As years passed, her parents’ talents rubbed off on her and her passion for acting grew over time which she eventually unleashed in the early 1990s. Charlotte Brosnan was featured in NYPD Blue and afterward, in 1996 she acted in the movie The Disappearance of Kevin Johnson. Two years after this came The Nephew which was a major hit for her and caught the attention of many.

Along the line, Charlotte decided to quietly back off from acting and give attention to her home but there is no doubt that her roles in films were spectacular, and fans were impressed at her performance. It was definitely not a surprise having come from a family of film stars.

Charlotte Brosnan’s Battle with Depression

Sadly, the actress got addicted to the use of drugs and alcohol which sources linked to the loss of her mother which is believed to have had a crippling effect in her life. Moreso, Charlotte’s chaotic affair with her boyfriend, Alex Smith did not help matters and the combination of the problems brought her down with depression.

It is also known that the actress was not the only one having trying times as her brother Christopher was also facing the challenges of addiction to drugs and alcohol. Eventually, Charlotte and her brother had to seek professional help for their state and it proved to be beneficial to them.

The Death of Pierce Brosnan’s Daughter

Aside from her bouts of depression, Charlotte Brosnan was later on diagnosed with ovarian cancer and on June 28, 2013, after battling with the ailment for about three years, she gave up the ghost.

The vibrant and talented actress was at the prime of her life when she died surrounded by her loved ones. It was also revealed that ovarian cancer was a familiar evil in her ancestry as it ran down from her grandmother to her mother and finally it caught up with Charlotte too.

Furthermore, it was obvious that Pierce Brosnan was really hurt by her death as he had grown fond of Charlotte over the years and the ties between them were undeniable even to the public. They were so close that they even attended several functions like the Orange British Academy Film Awards, The Golden Globe Awards, and other events together.

We also gathered that two weeks before her death, her longtime boyfriend, Alex Smith wedded her in a secret ceremony. Charlotte Brosnan had two children for Alex – a daughter named  Isabella Smith born on August 15, 1998, and son Lucas Smith born on April 16, 2005.

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