Charlyne Yi Married, Husband, House, Age, and Bio

Charlyne Yi's Net Worth as of June 2024 is $1 Million

Quick Facts of Charlyne Yi

Net Worth$1 Million
SalaryNot Known
Height5 ft 2 in
Date of Birth4 January, 1986

The one who is almost every kind of entertainer; actress, musician, comedienne, writer, and whatever you wish to add. That is Charlyne Yi. The extremely versatile woman has gone a long way and has come thus.

Although her name may not be the first to pop up for many, as she is not one to stick to one path, when it gets mentioned, you would just have to agree that she has got her place.

Classed beside Judd Apatow who was crowned the smartest person in Hollywood by Entertainment Weekly in 2007, Yi has remained unique not only in Hollywood but as well in the entertainment industry.  Again, she is one of those whose names should not be called. Or whose name always hides away.

Being an actress, a composer, writer, producer, and miscellaneous crew, you would hardly find people who do not know her. The only thing, however, is how close enough.

What is Charlyne Yi Famous for?

Charlyne Yi became famous when she played the role of Dr. Chi Park in famous series named “House” in 2011.

Charlyne Yi Bio, Age

Getting a little closer to her, Yi was born on January 4, 1986, in Los Angeles, California to a Philippine mother and a father of Mexican, Korean, Irish, German, French, and Native American ancestry.

Source: Read Poetry

Coming from such a family, one of two things must happen, it is either it gets really interesting, or it gets messed up.  Revealing it all herself, Yi noted that she came “from a pretty messed-up family.”

Probably because of the type of family she came from Yi suffers from depression. Whenever she gets depressed, the painter side of her comes up and she paints and draws. This may just be one of the things that have led her into developing dioramas

Aged 31, Charlyne Yi has begun performing for a long time, but she only got her debut in the movie industry in 2007 Knocked up. Her real breakthrough, however, came in 2009 with the film, paper hearts.

That same year, she was selected as one of Venus Zine’s “25 under 25” women of the year, a true testament to many things to come many years later.

Apart from all the things she has been involved in and Paper Heart and knocked up, she was also famous for Ring My Bell, House, and The Last Time You Had Fun. She is expected to feature in Next Gen (voice) in 2018.

With her hands on almost everything creative, you should not be surprised if tomorrow you wake to hear that the actress is a carpenter. At least she has “I want to do all the things that challenge my soul, whether it be music, comedy, art, shoe cobbling or carpentry.”

As a writer, Charlyne published a book; Oh the moon in 2015. The book which has been described as filled with warmth, wonder, and weirdness, is more of a revelation by the actress about herself.

She has also been into screenwriting. Her debut work in that area, her feature film, Paper Heart, won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award at the 2009 Sundance Film Festival.

Source: Pitchfork

What happened to Charlyne Yi?

Charlyne Yi has accussed Marilyn Manson of sexual harassment and racist comments.

Charlyne Yi Married, Husband, Boyfriend

Charlyne Yi has had her own very little share of romantic stories and rumors she is not married and has never had a husband.

Not one known to have dated many men, the strongest rumor of Charlyne Yi’s dating was with Michael Cera. Many of us actually believed that the two had something going as the linking story linking them lasted for a whole three years. Also, the comedic duo was really close.

Nevertheless, in 2009, the actress put the rumors to rest by denying that she was never dating Cera.

Source: New York Daily News

Apart from Michael Cera, another person that has been linked to Yi is an American screenwriter; Jeremy Kaluza. Although the rumor is sustained in some hidden quarters, there is nothing concrete to it.

No one or at least a majority of people didn’t expect either of the two to come out and deny the reports since it was obviously mostly not true. Neither of them did.

Is Charlyne Yi a boy?

Charlyne Yi defines gender identity as queer genderfluid enby.

Charlyne Yi’s Net Worth

Yi has a net worth of as much as $1 million as of 2022. While a majority of her riches could be linked to her acting and other activities in Hollywood, the other things she is into have also added something to her pockets.

Was Charlyne Yi in Steven Universe?

Charlyne Yi has appeared in Steven Universe where she played the role of Crystal Gem Ruby.

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