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Meteorologists are just as important as other media personalities, what other reasons would we have to delve into her life? In that vein, it is time to check out the topic Cheryl Scott’s Salary, Body Measurements, Wiki, Bio. There is no doubt in our hearts that this topic will prove to be as informative as can be and equally entertaining. So, sit tight as we delve deep into this very relevant topic of Cheryl Scott’s salary.

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Cheryl Scott’s Salary

Usually, we would start an article right at the beginning, but why not spice it up and start anywhere we like, and anywhere we like happens to be Cheryl Scott’s salary today. She is currently one of the emerging meteorologists in the United States and she is popular for being the host of the NBC affiliate WMAZ-TV weather show. This is no easy feat, so it is correct to make the assumption that she is doing pretty well for herself.

Her recent annual salary is reported to be around $40 thousand and her estimated net worth is reported to be around $ 1 million as of 2016. We told you that her net worth was pretty impressive, and this is definitely as a result of her hard work and perseverance in her field.You have to give it to her, she is definitely a go-getter, a lot of people in out contemporary society can take a leaf out of her book.

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Cheryl Scott’s Body Measurements/Bio/Wiki

There is so much information to take in about this media personality and now it is time to get started right from the beginning. Cheryl was born on  January 29, 1985, in Chicago, Illinois. Unlike some people who do not know what they want to do till later on in life, Scott had an interest in Meteorology since her childhood. She has always been interested in changes in weather and the climate as a whole and as such, she decided that it would be wise to go down her current career path.

The media personality grew up in the small town of South Jersey and got a Bachelor’s Degree after majoring in Geological Science at Brown University. In addition to that, she got a certificate in Meteorology from Mississippi State’s Distance Learning in 2010. As we mentioned earlier, she had a serious inclination towards becoming a meteorologist, it was so strong that she even wrote a book called “I plan to become a Meteorologist”.

When she is not kicking ass at her job, Cheryl is traveling, spending time in the outdoors, watching movies or indulging in sports.So, let us get started on this career of hers, the media personality started her career in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, interning for WCAU-NBC10 in 2006. While she was doing this, she seized the opportunity to learn from the Earthwatch Team.

For those of you that do not know this, Earthwatch is a non-profit environmental organization focused on connecting everyday people with the world’s top scientists to conduct vital field research. The Earthwatch Team experience exposed her to some knowledge about the fundamentals of forecasting, so it was a very solid career choice.

By the year 2007, she was bumped up in the food chain as she worked for WSEE-TV in Erie, Pennsylvania as a weather person. Simultaneously, she worked as a 24-hour weather reporter for a Caribbean Weather Channel. We mentioned that she was hardworking and that is so true as the media personality had so much on her plate. She continued as a weekend meteorologist for an NBC affiliate in Knoxville, Tennesee, WBIR-TV. Cheryl has covered several damages by tornadoes and other disasters that devasted Knoxville in 2011.

In addition to all that, she volunteered for the Red Cross post the tornado destruction. If you thought that was all she had up her sleeve, you better think again, there is so much more. The media personality also went on to work with eyewitness news in 2014 and just so you know the magnitude of this, it is  Chicago’s number one station for news. Her ABC director had nothing but good things to say about her; she was viewed as knowledgeable, informative and experienced.

There are some controversies when it comes to Cheryl herself, she was rumored to have a fistfight in a locker room with Patrick Sharp, a Canadian Ice Hockey player, the two of them denied the allegations.

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