Chloe Pacey – Biography, Boyfriend – Brenton Thwaites and Family

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Behind the career successes Brenton Thwaites has recorded as an actor, his wife Chloe Pacey has been his support system, encouraging and assisting every one of his giant strides to the zenith of his career. The love story of what brought these two together is such that anyone who reads it will be amazed as it is quite convincing that it is nothing but pure love that brought them together.

Though Chloe seems to be mostly known for her relationship with Brenton, that is not all there is to know about her. In fact, she is more than just a partner to the actor. In this piece, we are going to tell you all that we learned about her, including the juicy details of how she met her actor partner.

Chloe Pacey – Biography

Going by her looks, Chloe Pacey was probably born in the 80s. She is an Australian national and it is likely she grew up in her birth country with a brother of her’s named Bear. As per other details about her family members like parents, and relations, Chloe has kept such information to herself and her partner. Unlike Brenton who we know well enough about where he’s from, the actress has decided to keep mute about her family members. All hope is however not lost as she is not the first to toe this path. Some celebrities whose life stories are today known by all and sundry once guarded the details of their background jealously.

Coming over to her education and career, some reports have it that the actor’s wife was a student at Perth where she trained as an artist. Chloe Pacey has a specialty in abstract art and according to her, it is the only medium through which she can express her thoughts about life, current events and make sense out of the world.

On her Instagram page (chloepacey), the artist shares some of the pictures of her artworks which are mostly accompanied by some writeups about what inspired the piece. She also posts pictures of her life as a mother on the page. Looking at the page, you will quickly come to the conclusion that Chloe is a lover of nature. Her Instagram handle is adorned with pictures of the various natural recreational/vacation places she and her family have spent time in – beautiful sceneries, as well as animals they have interacted with.

Boyfriend – Brenton Thwaites and Family

Chloe Pacey and Brenton Thwaites have been living together in harmony and in sync with each other in such a way that they are apparently doing better than some married couples. Yes, the actor and his artist partner are not yet wedded. However, looking at their family and how they conduct themselves, one might tend to believe otherwise.

The love story of the duo has it that they met sometime in February 2015 in Australia, when Brenton was shooting Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales. It happened that the actor had no place to stay after his work on set so, he opted to look for a shared house online. He did find one where one of his roommates turned out to be Chloe Pacey.


The two started off thereafter as friends, and in the course of time, got into the romance zone. They first made an appearance in public as a couple during the premiere of In The Heart Of The Sea in late 2015. At the event, Chloe was seen to be with child and of course, all eyes were obviously on her actor partner. Brenton Thwaites’ spokesperson later confirmed that Brenton and her fiance will be having a baby.

By March the following year (2016), Chloe Pacey put to bed her first child; a baby girl whom they named Birdie. The family has continued to live together with no negative rumours making the rounds about them. We hope it continues this way.

She is a breastfeeding advocate. Chloe has posted several pictures of herself breastfeeding her kids on Instagram. She opines that breastfeeding should be normalized and women should be free to breastfeed their babies when they want. In response, the Australian Breastfeeding Association threw their support behind her and added that “Breastfeeding is a right, not a privilege.”

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