Christian Yelich’s Most Lucrative Contracts So Far And All About His Mother And Girlfriend

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One of the beauties of sports is that there is never a shortage of new talents in the game as new potentials are introduced every year. In fact, some of the best athletes today were drafted as teenagers, just out of high school. This includes Christian Yelich who, nearly a decade ago, took his first steps towards playing the game he loves on a professional level.

Yelich has been a valuable asset to American Baseball, with an amazing career and lucrative contracts to show for it, both of which will be discussed in this article. Find out more about his support system—is it his mother? Also, learn what we know about his relationship status.

Christian Yelich’s MLB Career, His Achievements & Biggest Signings Yet

The California-born outfielder fell in love with Baseball as early as the age of 7. By the time he got to his freshman year in high school, he was already good in the sport and as the years passed, he only got better. In his senior year, he was ranked among the top 34 high school baseball players in America.

After his graduation from Westlake High School, he turned down a college scholarship to join the Miami Marlins in 2010 where he was welcomed with a signing bonus of $1.7 million. In the same year, Christian Yelich played in the minor league for Greensboro Grasshopper and Gulf Coast League Marlins.

In 2011, he was named the Player of the year in Marlins’ Minor League, a title he held on to for another year before he was promoted to play in the Major Leagues in 2013. In 2014, barely a year in the Major League, Yelich set yet another record of the first outfielder and youngest player to win a Gold Glove award.

His contract with the Miami Marlins was extended in March 2015 for another 7 years, at an agreed-upon total of $49.57 million which included an annual average salary of just over $7 million.

Though Christian Yelich landed on the disabled list a few times due to injuries, he continued honoring his contract with the team and remained an active player in the subsequent years. In 2017, he played for the US national team in the 2017 World Baseball Classic and was named among those who made it to the All-World Baseball Classic team.

Although 2018 started off with him getting traded to the Milwaukee Brewers in January, it was generally a good year for the outfielder. In the same year, he was selected along with Lorenzo Cain and Josh Hader to play in the 2018 MLB All-Star Game. He also hit the first grand slam of his career and became the first MLB player to hit 2 cycles against the same team in the same season. What’s more, he was selected to play in the 2018 MLB Japan All-Star Series, became the National League’s MVP and was awarded four different awards, among other achievements.

Continuing on the same successful note in 2019, Christian Yelich became the first player in the Milwaukee Brewers history to reach 30 home runs before the All-Star Break. Also in 2019, the superstar athlete won the NL Hank Aaron Award for the second year in a row. Keeping to the theme of his successful 2019, Christian Yelich had the highest Hard Contact Percentage of all National League batters. Despite an injury that cut his season short, he was named a National League Batting Champion for the second year in a row.

His base salary was increased to $12 million in 2020 and it will continue to increase yearly until the end of his contract in 2022.

Who Is Christian Yelich’s Mother?

It is safe to say Christian’s Mother, Alecia Yelich, is the most important woman in his life, that is if his social media posts are anything to go by. In addition to posting several pictures of them together, Yelich fondly describes his mother as supportive and the sole reason why he didn’t quit baseball at 7 when he wanted to.

In addition to being a baseball mom, she is a real estate agent, a Christian, and the mother to two other sons – Christian’s brothers – Cameron and Collin Yelich.

Does He Have A Girlfriend?

While sports stars usually have no shortage of beautiful people flocking around them, Christian Yelich has been asked about a potential girlfriend countless times over the years, however, he refuses to give any information about his love life.

Christian has been single in the public eye since he came into the spotlight and if he is in a romantic relationship, he is definitely trying his best to keep it away from the prying eyes of the public. Do you blame him though?

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