Danielle Lombard – 10 Interesting Things You Need To Know

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Danielle Lombard is one of the contestants on the 4th season of the ABC dating show, Bachelor in Paradise where she was caught up in a messy love triangle. She was also on The Bachelor in season 21. Also known as D-Lo, the California native is much more than just a reality TV show contestant. Here is a round-up of 10 interesting things you need to know about her.

10 Interesting Things You Need To Know About Danielle Lombard

1. She Has Lived in California All Her Life

Cali girls are unforgettable. Ask . They may travel the world but will never find another place like the golden coast; for them, nothing comes close. Thus, they sign to be  CA girls for life, just like Danielle Lombard, a true Cali girl.

Danielle Lombard has always lived in the home of Hollywood. She was born in San Jose on the 28th of December 1989 and was raised in the affluent town of Danville, the Bay Area.

All Californian natives may not be actors or musicians but having Hollywood in the heart of their state inspires them to draw into their artistic medium, whatever it is. D-Lo is no exception. She is a former contestant on the ABC dating shows, Bachelor and Bachelor in Paradise as well as a bikini and lingerie model. After she was consumed by her passion for entertainment, she moved to the entertainment hub, Los Angeles where she now resides.

2. She Has an Interesting Ethnicity

Irrespective of height, figure, or hair color, California girls are always a sight to behold.

 Little wonder songs are written about them. Looking at Danielle Lombard, you won’t be wrong to conclude that she is the quintessential Cali girl. However, she has more to her resplendence than being just a CA girl; her ethnicity could be the culprit.

Although the identity of her parents is unknown, she has said that her mother is Chinese and her father is Austrian, German, English, and Irish. Whatever her ethnicity is, she is a very beautiful woman.

3. Lombard is Well Educated

She walked the path of formal education before her passion for entertainment consumed her. While it is not known which high school she attended, she furthered her education at Diablo Valley College and then at Irvine Valley College.

4. Danielle Lombard is an Ambitious Woman

Lombard has always been an ambitious person which is clearly evident on the show. After she graduated from college, she became a business owner, establishing a nail salon at the age of 23. She considers this feat her greatest achievement.

The name of the salon is Champagne Nail Lounge and she is credited as the Business Development Officer. Danielle has expanded her business endeavor to include a second nail salon and an ice cream shop.

The reality star is also a licensed and practicing cosmetologist who does hair and makeup for weddings and special events. As a model, she is signed to CHIVE modeling agency and has worked for Rolls Model.

5. She is a Dog Lover

Ultimately, the world is divided into dog lovers and cat lovers and Danielle belongs to the former group. She has a Yorkie puppy named Mila which she loves absolutely. She even set up an Instagram account for the dog, @michevious_mila. You can follow her to see her adorable pictures.

6. Just Like You, Danielle Lombard Has a Guilty Pleasure

Even as a star, Lombard is clearly no exception when it comes to guilty pleasures. As embarrassing as it may seem, she just loves listening to the Glee soundtrack. Lombard admits to driving down the streets of Los Angeles while cranking up the soundtrack.

7. She is a Big Fan of Body Arts

Danielle loves tattoos and has three in different places on her body. On the back of her neck, you will find a lotus flower while two butterfly tattoos are firmly etched on her ankles, one on each.

8. She Quit From Bachelor in Paradise

She joined the league of reality TV stars in when she contested on the 21st season of The Bachelor. She was one of the 17 bachelorettes who fought for ’s heart. Though she did not make it to the finals, Lombard did pretty well in making a lasting impression on the bachelor and also kept his attention for a long time. She was eliminated in week 6.

Danielle Lombard returned for the season 4 of ABC’s Bachelor in Paradise. She got mired in a love triangle with Bachelorette’s alum, Dean Unglert, and fellow Bachelor alum, Kristina Schulman, with Dean at the middle, indecisively pursuing both women. She came in between Dean and Kristina who was already pursuing a relationship before she came into the picture in week 2.

But did she really quit from Paradise?

9. Lombard is a romantic

This assertion may be a huge one to make but we couldn’t help it going by her displays on the reality shows (it could be for the camera anyway) and the array of books and films she fancies. Danielle Lombard is a huge fan of romantic movies and her list of favorites include A Walk To Remember, The Notebook, and Love Actually. She also loves the book, The 5 Languages of Love which she says is beneficial in all relationships (lovers, friends, colleagues) and also helps one to discover oneself as well as one’s relationship needs.

Beyond the screen and books, she admires real-life romantic couple, and John Legend who she says is a true definition of couple goals.

10. Chrissy Teigen is her Role Model

When it comes to role models, Danielle Lombard chooses Teigen for many reasons. Not only is she gorgeous, but Lombard thinks she is also very strong-willed and admires the fact she is unapologetically herself.

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