De’arra Taylor – Bio, Net Worth, Family Life Of The YouTuber

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The relationship between De’arra Taylor and Ken Walker has gradually become a mirror through which millions of fans on their channel see the possibility of living a happy life together without having to go through the traditional process of getting married first. The lovely duo has been chronicling their whole life on vlogs since 2014. Their videos contain records of their love life, family and daily activities which they use to depict a positive ideal way of life and in turn, inspire others to live positively.

The young couple’s ideas have seen the creation of two YouTube channels and both have millions of fans and views. Asides YouTube and the internet at large, De’arra Taylor has other interests in life which will be discussed below.

De’arra Taylor’s Bio

The innovative online star was born on April 17, 1996. Born in Tennessee, in the USA, she is of American nationality but belongs to the African-American ethnicity. While there is no information regarding the identity of her parents and what they do for a living, Taylor has a younger sister named Zaria Mosley. Apart from Zaria who is also a star on social media, there is no other sibling that has been linked to Taylor. Also, though she practically lives her life publicly through her vlogs, she has not shared any fact from the past regarding her education and other childhood memories. She, however, nursed an interest in makeup and fashion since her formative years. She also picked interest in YouTube but only joined the online community in December 2014.

De’arra Taylor’s main YouTube channel was launched on December 11, 2014, with her boyfriend Ken Walker and interestingly, they started dating the same year. The channel dubbed De’arra & Ken 4 Life (DK4L) is used by the couple to show their millions of fans several ways of enjoying a relationship. They carry out challenges thrown by their fans and they range from pranks to question and answer sessions and a lot more. There is simply no dull moment around the lively duo.

DK4L has amassed over 687 million views from the more 5.4 million fans on the channel. Some very popular videos on their main channel include I should’ve Never Did this – (snake prank on girlfriend), Destroying Girlfriend’s Make-Up, Huge Hissing Cockroach Prank On Girlfriend, and Disgusting Peeling Skin Prank On Boyfriend.

On October 14, 2015, their vlog channel – Vlogs By DK4L went live. The couple created the channel as a kind of reality show where the DK4L fans can keep up with their daily activities. To date, De’arra Taylor and her beau has kept fans up to date on the things they invest their time on each day. The vlog channel has already accumulated more than 2.3 million subscribers and the number of views has risen above 201 million and is still climbing.

De’arra Taylor is also a massive star on Instagram where she operates under the handle @dearra. Her more than 3.3 million fans on the platform are constantly treated to sizzling pictures of her and even more with her boyfriend who appears to rock her world.

Net Worth

Considering the fact that the internet has turned many of its users into millionaires, nothing less is expected from De’arra Taylor. However, she has no personal record regarding her financial worth but with her boyfriend, she has garnered a net worth that is estimated at $2.5 million.

Instagram and other social media platforms might also contribute to the couple’s source of income. They also have their own web series known as De’Arra & Ken’s Prank Show.


Family Life Of De’arra Taylor

The only known family member of the YouTuber is her sister Zaria Mosley who is also a social media sensation. Then there is her boyfriend Ken Walker with whom she has been in a romantic relationship since 2014.

De’arra and Ken are living the life they always dreamed of and doing it as a couple makes it even more fun. Theirs seems to be a match made in heaven as they share similar dreams and outlook on life and the way things ought to be done. These characteristics have seen them grow as thick as thieves over the years. They have also leveraged on their interesting love life to make a career online, as well as share ideas with millions of fans.

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