Diane Addonizio – Biography, Facts About Howie Long’s Wife

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Diane Addonizio is an American businesswoman and lawyer who has enjoyed a successful career of her own. Her biggest claim to fame, however, is her relationship with the former NFL superstar defensive end and actor Howie Long. Since coming to the spotlight, she has effectively straddled the line between hotshot celebrity wife and hardworking self-made woman. Right up till the moment of Howie Long’s retirement, she could be found in the stands cheering her husband on during games or standing proudly at his side at events, and her status as the loving and doting wife continues to go unblemished to this day.

Diane Addonizio Biography

The gorgeous athlete’s wife was born in Red Bank, New Jersey in 1962, to Catholic parents who raised her in their faith. However, her exact birth date and month are not known to the public at this time as Diane is yet to disclose it. She is also yet to reveal other relevant personal information such as the names of her parents, how many siblings she has, her family history, early childhood background or her early educational qualifications like where she went to high school.

Diane got accepted into Villanova University where she completed a degree in classical studies before going on to study to join the legal profession at the USC School of Law. After passing her bar exams, she promptly joined the workforce, serving at a respectable law firm, and building a career as an attorney. After she got married to the former NFL player, she decided to explore other sources of income so she plunged into the world of business, making investments here and there that would eventually reap huge profits.

Despite being thrust into the spotlight following her relationship with , Diane has managed to maintain a very low profile. She is a private person who doesn’t like to let the media into every aspect of her life, so she remains somewhat of an enigma to fans and admirers. Her devotion to building an empire she can call her own has not waned, regardless of the fact that marrying into money means she never has to work another day in her life if she doesn’t want to. Diane is still making moves as a businesswoman and carving up success for herself away from her husband’s fame and glory. She is actively involved in charity work.

Husband and Family

Diane Addonizio is a happily married woman. She met her future husband, Howie Long while they were both students at Villanova University. Howie Long asked her on a date by inviting Diane to watch an NFL game with him on television. They quickly bonded and soon became inseparable. Before very long their relationship became serious, and the lovebirds decided to take things to the next level by getting married.

After a couple of years of courtship and a brief engagement, the couple exchanged vows on June 27, 1982. Howie and Diane’s union have been blessed with three wonderful children. Their first child, Christopher Howard was born in 1985. Three years later, a second child followed, and the couple named the boy Kyle Howard. In 1990, they welcomed their third child, another boy, and they named him Matthew Howard.

The boys are all grown up now, and they are following in their father’s footsteps and pursuing a career in the NFL. If all goes right, they might even surpass their father’s ranking in the sport. Although there have been rumors of Diane Addonizio and Howie getting divorced, neither of them have confirmed these rumors, and they continue to live together without problems.

Facts About Howie Long’s Wife

1. Diane Addonizio Has an Impressive Net Worth

Being married to a celebrity comes with a lot of perks such as wealth and acclaim, but Diane has managed to earn her own money instead of simply relying on her husband’s hefty bank account. Although she is yet to disclose how much she earns in salaries, the businesswoman and lawyer is estimated to be worth around $1 million. Her beau, Howie Long has a net worth of $16 million.

2. Her Family Home is Worth Millions

Diane and her husband share an expensive and luxurious mansion in Virginia, which costs over $6 million. The value of the property grows higher with every passing year.

3. She is a Little Bit on the Tall Side

Standing next to her towering giant husband, Diane appears to be smaller than she really is. She is actually 5 feet 8 inches tall and not at all short.

4. She Mostly Doesn’t Practice Law

Although Diane Addonizio is still a very qualified lawyer, she mostly acts as an advocate these days and hasn’t actually practiced law in years. She decided to lay off the profession a little in other to focus on her family.

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