Does Canelo Alvarez The Mexican Boxer Have A Wife or Girlfriend?

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Next to movie stars, sports players are perhaps the next group of people most notorious for their interesting romantic life. They’ve got the looks, body, money and fame which are the major qualities that easily attract the average woman. Among the men popular for their dating lifestyle in the world of boxing is Canelo Alvarez. You can call him the Mexican Floyd Mayweather – both boxing stars share a lot in common – record careers, love for the display of wealth (although Mayweather takes the crown for this one) and of course their numerous romantic relationships with the genetically blessed. And oh! They are even friends… You know what they say about birds of a feather? They flock together. The only fight that Alvarez has ever lost was to Mayweather in 2013 but even this was not enough to keep the two from being fond of each other.

Canelo Alvarez’s notorious romantic life often has his fans wondering about the identity of his girlfriend at each time and whether or not he has walked down the aisle with any of the women he has been with. Here are all the answers you seek.

Is Canelo Alvarez Married Or Dating – Who Is His Girlfriend?

Despite being with many of the kind of women that the average guy would give a hand to be with let alone marry, the Mexican boxer has never said “I do” to any of the beautiful women he has had in his life. The farthest he has gone is getting engaged but he has never made it down the aisle, with a couple of other women, he has even fathered children.

As of the time of this writing, Alvarez is in a relationship with a certain lady named Nelda Sepulveda. In 2018, they welcomed a child together, a son named Saúl Adiel Álvarez who is Alvarez’s fourth child and first son. In 2019, the Latina woman was constantly spotted cheering Alvarez on at the stands during his bouts, not shy to pack in the PDA even in front of cameras, Alvarez and Sepulveda do make a picture-perfect couple!

Nelda Sepulveda, unlike the other women who Alvarez has been with, is a businesswoman. Yup! She owns her own ice cream company. She is also quite a talented fashion designer and has designed some of the outfits seen on her red-haired flame.

The Boxer’s Relationship History

Sharon de Lima

After her divorce from Jennifer Lopez’s ex Marc Anthony in 2016, Venezuelan model Sharon de Lima next romanced Canelo Alvarez. Considering the brief lifespan of their romance, it seemed like a rebound relationship for the 2005 Miss Earth Venezuela Pageant runner-up, but it seemed like the four-weight world champion did not mind at all. Sharon would later find love in the eyes of Colombian footballer, James Rodriguez, who is two years younger than her.

Fernanda Gomez

After his fling with Lima, Canelo Alvarez’s next serious relationship was with Fernanda Gomez. They began dating in late 2017 after meeting at an OMB Gala in October and though the relationship seemed to be on-and-off, the pair didn’t call it quits without sharing a kid together. In 2018, they welcomed a child, a daughter named Maria Fernanda. Gomez is quite the mystery woman, unlike other women Alvarez has been with, she is quite privy, even her Instagram account is set on private.

Kate del Castillo

Back in 2012, Canelo Alvarez romanced Mexican actress Kate del Castillo who is 18 years older than him. Like Sharon de Lima, Castillo was at the time, fresh off her divorce from Mexican actor and singer Aarón Díaz to whom she was married for three years from 2009 to 2012. Castillo does have a thing for younger men, she is 10 years older than her ex-husband Diaz but the huge age difference seems to have no effect on her sex life; she once described in an interview her sex life with Alvarez, saying there were some “strong rounds.” It turns out that Sharon de Lima was not the first time Alvarez was making himself available for a rebound relationship.

Marisol Gonzalez

And then there was TV presenter Marisol Gonzalez who is best known as a participant in the 2003 Miss Universe beauty pageant. Gonzalez was Canelo Alvarez’s girlfriend in 2010. Their relationship was barely 9 months old when the boxer popped the question, however, the following year, in 2011, the pair called off their engagement.

Canelo Alvarez’s Lesser-Known Girlfriends

Before attaining the level of fame he now has, Canelo Alvarez fathered kids with some lesser-known women, they are Valeria Quiroz and Karen Beltrán. The later was perhaps his first girlfriend, they dated when they were teens and she birthed the boxer’s first child, a daughter named Emily Cinnamon Alvarez whom he adores; Alvarez got a tattoo of her face on his arm following his boxing rematch with Gennady Golovkin in 2018. Alvarez also dated a certain model named Valeria Quiroz who birthed his second child and daughter named Mia Ener Álvarez.

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