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Dolly Castro is one of the hottest personality on the Instagram planet with 6 million followers. Asides being a fitness model, an actress, celebrity, and clothing designer, this Nicaraguan beauty also has one of the hottest and sexiest bodies on the planet – this may explain why many are drawn to her.

Dolly Castro’s Bio (Age)

Dolly was born Jully 14, 1984 in Nicaragua, a small tropical country in Central America. She was raised in Managua, the capital of Nicaragua. She wanted to be a chef but being born in a religious family which valued education, being a chef wasn’t an option so she was encouraged to go for the legal profession – which was more prestigious back then. She did follow her family’s choice for her and eventually graduated as a lawyer.

I am sure you are wondering how she ended up as a model since she graduated as a lawyer, right? Well, Dolly never practiced one day as a lawyer, after college, she had a baby (a girl she named Karen).

According to her, after the birth of her daughter, she felt a deep sense of fulfillment, purpose, and motivation to  become a perfect role model not just to her daughter but to other people around the globe and she felt the way to reach out to more people was through becoming a famous model, thus, she settled for a modeling career. This time, her family supported her to pursue her dreams and she moved to Miami. She soon became famous among modeling agencies who contacted her for jobs and it wasn’t long before her popularity spread abroad.

She actually had an experience in modeling. In an interview with, Dolly revealed that she once won a modeling competition as an 8-year-old.

After some time working as a model, Dolly decided to create a platform on social media where she will be posting numerous pictures of herself, and that was exactly what she did that has brought her so much fame and popularity not just in Miami alone but also around the world.

With this popularity on social media, Dolly Castro began to develope her own brand. She has been on the cover of so many famous magazines and also on TV screens and these have further helped her in building her brand and to inspire as many as she can around the globe.

Dolly is the owner of the lifestyle brand, Bars and Branches, which deals in fitness clothing, equipment, and swimwear. She attributes all of her earnings and fame to God, the social media and everyone who follows her on social media. Dolly’s favorite body parts to train are her legs and abs.

The Instagram sensation is so particular about her diet, to maintain that body, who wouldn’t? Speaking about her favorite breakfast, Dolly said it would be a low carb protein french toast that is high in fiber and a little extra batter. She is an excellent cook and baker. She loves nachos, cupcakes, and pashas.


Net Worth

Following her fame and followership on Instagram, You must be wondering how much the curvaceous model is worth.

Well, there are conflicting figures as to how much she is really worth so we can not categorically state a figure here at the moment until proper clarification has been made. But Dolly did tell Chilean newspaper La Cuarta that 80 percent of her earnings come from the social media.


Dolly stands at ‎5’5″ (165cm) and weighs between 115 and 125lbs (52.2 – 56.7kg). Her body measurement is 36-24-40 inches.

Dolly Castro’s Family

Although detailed information about Castro’s family is not available online, it is certain they live in her hometown – Managua, Nicaragua. As earlier mentioned, the fitness model has a daughter named Karen who she had after college.

She is currently not dating anyone but her ideal man is one who is a complete gentleman, treats her the old-fashioned way, isn’t commanding and would do almost anything to make her smile. We hope she finds the man of her dreams pretty soon.

She lives in Miami, Florida and drives her dream car, – a BMW 750. Dolly Castro can be liked and followed on her Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

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