Dor Bahadur Khapangi’s Age, Bio, Shortest Teenager

Quick Facts of Dor Bahadur Khapangi

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
Height2 ft
Date of Birth14 November, 2004

Dor Bahadur Khapangi is famous Nepali personnel. He is mostly renowned and famous for his Guinness book of world records for being the shortest teenager living. He is just 17 years old and is famous all over the world.

Dor Bahadur is recognized and is in the constant limelight all thanks to his record in the Guinness. Within a short period of time, Dor has been all over the internet and is a sensation.

He is among the few Nepalese who have written their names in the world record book. He was given the record book by Nepal Tourism Board.

Source: Guinness World Records

Dor Bahadur Khapangi’s Personal Life

Dor Bahadur Khapangi was born on November 14, 2004 in Sindhuli, Nepal. He is just 17 years old as his 18th birthday is on November 14, 2022.

Even at the age of 17, he is already a famous and renowned person all over the world. Dor Bahadur is a record-breaking teen who is the youngest son of two farmers that lives in the Sindhuli district, Nepal.

Born and raised in Nepal he holds a Nepalese nationality. Meanwhile, he belongs to an Asian ethnic group and follows Hinduism as his religion.

Most people all over Nepal are Hindu and follow it as their religion. Shortest Teenager Dor lives with his parents and siblings, who are all of the average height.

His family and siblings help him with his day-to-day activities as he cannot do it all alone.

Dor Bahadur Khapangi’s Career

Talking about his career as a professional Dor hasn’t really started anything as he is just a 17 years kid who is a specially-abled person. Meanwhile, he holds a Guniesss book of record for being the shorten teenager to live in the world.

Dor as of March 23, 2022, was confirmed to be just 73.43 cm which is about 2 ft 4.9 inches tall. Meanwhile, all his siblings are of natural height and aren’t suffering from it.

Dor Bahadur Khapangi’s Height Problem

Dor Bahadur Khapangi is just 2 feet and 4.9 inches tall which is far below average. At the age of 17, he should have been 5 feet tall however he is suffering from a severe problem as he can’t grow any taller. Meanwhile, he holds the record of being the shortest teenager to live.

According to his family, Dor stopped growing after his seventh birthday and since then he has remained of the same height.

Meanwhile, Dor knew about his disease at the age of 12 or 13. Many people and doctors decided to carry out his medical tests and are still trying that as no result it out yet.

However, due to financial reasons and problems, Dor’s family couldn’t continue with his tests and treatments and still don’t know the cause of the teen’s unique height.

As they belong to a very poor family from Sindhuli Nepal. Dor’s brother in an interview stated that the medical tests that have been carried out so far show that nothing seems out of the ordinary in his health.

Due to his health issue, day-to-day life and activities are not easy for Dor Bahadur. Whereas Dor helps with small tasks like feeding the chickens, the teen can’t walk for long and is unable to lift anything heavy.

Meanwhile, his family and brothers carry him back and forth from school every day.

As his mother takes him every morning, while a niece helps Dor Bahadur on the way back after school is over. He even needs help to dress and eat during meals as he cannot do it all alone.

He is all alone because of his health issues and all he does is rest and do some minor activities during his day-to-day activities.

More About Dor Bahadur’s Life

Dor is a left-hander as he writes and does his basic things with his left hand. Meanwhile, he even explains that he doesn’t have any hobbies or passion as he couldn’t do anything even if he likes it. Despite his illness and bad health, he lives a very happy and motivated life.

Talking to the Record book Previous record holder for the title of the shortest living teenager was held by Khagendra Thapa Magar who was also from Nepal. Talking about his height he was even shorter than Dor Bahadur. He was measured at 65.58 cm.

Meanwhile, former record holder Khagendra got featured his name in a record book for the shortest man when he was 18. Unfortunately, He died in 2020 at the age of 27 and soon Dor was the shortest teenager to live.

Dor Bahadur Khapangi Social Media Handle

Dor Bahadur Khapangi isn’t active and available on any social media handle. As he is very young and is needy of its use as he lives in a remote place in Nepal. However, he has featured himself in Guinnessworldrecord book and even in Economic Times India.

Source: The Economic Times

Dor Bahadur Khapangi Marriage

Dor Bahadur Khapangi isn’t married yet as he is just 17 years old. Meanwhile, nothing regarding his relationship is known as he has kept his personal life very secretive.

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