Elise Laurenne Bio And 5 Lesser Known Facts About Her

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The 21st Century. What a time to be alive. The most advanced age of human reasoning, wisdom, freedom, and way of life. However, it can be argued that this present age is not as fabulous as we make it sound. The internet; a global computer network providing a variety of information and communication facilities, consisting of interconnected networks using standardized communication protocols has truly revolutionized mankind and her existence. It is difficult to envisage the fate of modern-day celebrities like Elise Laurenne without the aid of the internet.

This jet age innovation has made the transfer of information and communication between individuals a whole lot easier and faster than it has ever been. The internet has shrunk the whole globe into one small yet complex system. One of the many things that have gripped a section of the human population and aided by the internet is cosplay.

Cosplay is a combination of two words, costume and play. Cosplay is the act of dressing up as a character from a book, film or video game like superheroes and their counterparts, super villains as well as from Japanese genre of manga or anime. It brings out the ability to be creative and has the ability to instill the cosplayer the gift of hard work and patience as they could spend days at a time, trying to produce the perfect costume for their next play.

Elise Laurenne Bio

Amongst other things, the internet has to some extent, whether it be for good or bad, helped this age of parents to raise their kids and one of such kids can be said to be Elise Laurenne. She is not necessarily one of the most popular people on the planet but as a result of being able to venture into the world of cosplay, she has been able to create some sort of a following for herself and not a negligible one at that.

Born Elise Laurenne on April 2, 1996, in Toronto, Canada. Her zodiac sign is the Aries. Elisa began cosplaying at the tender age of 12 and started attending cosplay fan expos as an enthusiastic 5-year-old.

She has long brown hair with accompanying brown eyes as well. She stands at a height of 5 feet 3 inches with a body to die for that measures in at 34D-25-31. Her feet size is a 7.5 US and she weighs in at 110 lbs. Elise lives in Toronto with her pet dog. She has been able to turn what started off as a mini hobby into a full-fledged career. Here are a few lesser-known facts about this stunning cosplayer.

Lesser-Known Facts About Elise Laurenne

1. When Elise started cosplay, the first character she dressed as was a character from Elfen Lied.

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2. Aside from the fact that she is extremely beautiful, she is also very creative and hardworking as she has been able to create her very own cosplay costume. Elise Laurenne is the sole proprietor of the Anti-Gwenom character. It is one that you will hardly see on any other cosplayer as it technically does not exist. The combination of the Spider-Man Verse character Spider-Gwen and Anti-Venom gave rise to a hybrid of her character, the Anti-Gwenom.

3. She has little or no problems at all when it comes to baring it all on camera as she has had a stint working as an anchor for Naked News TV where she is seen showing off everything as it is.

4. Elise has a very great passion for video games. She is a very keen gamer with most of her inspirations coming from her playing time. Her passion for gaming can be seen as she has over 5,000 followers on her Twitch account. A few of her favorite video game include Overwatch and Players Unknown Battleground.

5. Over the course of her cosplay career, Elise has dressed as the following characters; Samus Aran from the Metroid series,  Batman’s Harley Quinn, the Punisher.

6. She is a huge fan of the comic hero, Spiderman with a host of her cosplay acts inspired by characters of the Spiderman franchise.

7. Body modification is another thing she seems to be into, with stretched earlobes, a septum piercing and a half sleeve design on her right arm of black and grey.

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