Ellie Mecham – Bio, Age, Height, Body Measurements, Net Worth

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Ellie Mecham is a popular YouTuber, vlogger, and beauty expert with thousands of followers on all her social media pages. The celebrated sensation has been making waves ever since she worked her way to stardom within the internet community.

Together with her supportive husband, Mecham has been doing her best to help couples dealing with infertility. She passes across messages of hope and encouragement to them through her videos, which mainly document her infertility journey. Ever since the beautiful YouTuber overcame infertility, she now combines her online career with raising her kids and taking care of her young family.

Ellie Mecham – Bio, Age

Chad Griffiths and Jennifer Griffiths are the names of Ellie Mecham’s parents. The pair gave birth to her on 19th April 1991 in Utah; this was after they’ve earlier had four kids. By reason of her birth in the U.S, the YouTuber is an American but her ethnicity is not quite known.

The last child of her parents, Mecham was raised together with a brother called Beau and three sisters named Ruby, Julie, and Bonnie, Julie and Ruby. The vlogger is a high school graduate but there is no information about her college career.


For almost three years, Ellie and her husband Jared Mecham struggled to start their own family without success. Following several tests and medical consultations, the YouTuber was diagnosed with a type of infection called Polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS). After many dissapointments, she fially became pregnant and now has three adorable sons named Jackson Clark Mecham, Calvin Scott Mecham, and Tommy Mecham.

Jared met his wife while attending the wedding of one of his friends. Coincidentally, the bride of that day was Ellie’s sister and after building a solid relationship for some months, Jared and Ellie tied the knot one year later. At the time, the Utah native was working in a local salon as a cosmetologist while Jared had just graduated from Brigham Young University.

Ellie Mecham and her husband share every moment of their lives and adorable family with their fans through their YouTube videos. On several occasions, they have featured their sons in their videos and they simply look amazing together.

Born 21st April 1988, Jared Mecham is a YouTuber as well. He began joining forces with his wife (a full-time wife) from the point they started documenting their infertility journey. He hails from Washington, where he was born as the fifth child in a family of six children.

In his younger years, he was doing great in music and sports. However, he switched his interest to pole vaulting during his high school after he realized he was talented in the sport.

Upon being accepted into Brigham Young University, Jared joined his school’s track team as a pole vaulter and tragically suffered a hip issue during training, which abruptly ended his pole vaulting career. The young man currently runs the joint YouTube channel Ellie and Jared with his wife. The platform has a subscriber base of more than 1.6 million and features lots of videos.

What Is Ellie Mecham’s Net Worth?

As stated above, Ellie Mecham is a full-time mother who devotes her time to her family and still keeps herself online, engaging with her fans on randoms of issues. For now, her main source of income is her online business. Apart from the YouTube account she co-owns with her husband; she has her personal channel which has raked in impressive followings as well.

It is not known exactly how much she makes in a year from her online gigs. Her net worth is still being calculated by appropriate quarters and is therefore not open to public scrutiny.

According to some sites, however, Ellie Mecham and her loving husband have made about $1.5 million from their joint YouTube channel.

Ellie Mecham’s Height & Body Measurements

From pictures, Ellie Mecham has a slim build, amazing curves, and appropriate physical features that compliment her beauty in all ramifications. When it comes to her height and body measurement, there is absolutely no information on them both on her pages and other news sites.

However, some sources suggest that she stands somewhere a little above 5 feet. While we are yet to substantiate that, we can establish that the mother of three sports brown hair and blonde hair.

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