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Elliott Hulse is one hunky and handsome Youtube star as well as a strength and conditioning coach. He may have garnered fans who troop to his page daily to watch what he’s got to offer, but you can be sure that a majority of the ladies just want a piece of the really hot dude. Hulse took his passion for bodybuilding to a new height when he went from just uploading pictures of well toned and fit body on social media to achieving so much more. Find out how he did it below.

Biography (Age) 

Elliott Hulse was born on April 10, 1979, in Long Island New York where his parents had moved the family from their hometown of Belize. At that time, his family was the only one of color in the neighborhood even though this was no longer the case. He was the oldest of the 4 kids his parents Debbie and Edmund Hulse had. Being of a very good physique from as back as when he was 5, Elliott played football whilst in School and was extremely bigger and stronger than his peers. As expected, he excelled well in it. He has two brothers and only one sister.

Afterward, he got a scholarship to play football at St. John’s University to be a defensive sideline and became the MVP of the team. He then went on to graduate school and became a physical trainer. Ironically, Elliott was called stupid in High school and when he got to graduate school, he was called Dumb and this made him not to get along with a lot of people, he practically had no friends.

His Career

When he was younger, Elliott’s interest in weightlifting was inspired by an uncle of his who used to teach him and his other siblings how to workout by doing all manner of exercises like the push-up, sit up, chin up, crunches, summersaults, and flips. At the time, this also distracted the young Hulse from bad gangs, addiction, and other bad habits. It also made him a good athlete in school where his performance soon improved in American football.

After an awesome record in High school, Elliott Hulse’s performance earned him a scholarship to St. John’s University in New York where he played in the 1st division of the school’s football team. Despite the fact that he was good, the young chap chose to go back to bodybuilding after he graduated from the university. He began by training people in open places and parks in exercises he called Strenght Camp. At this stage, his van was his actual gym as he had to lug around his equipment in his van.

To better make it work, he opened a gym at a warehouse which he struggled to pay for.  In search of an alternative source of income to enable him to keep the gym afloat, Elliott Hulse stumbled upon the idea of making money from Youtube. Also, he made the decision to participate in the Strongman sport to better himself and give him a new challenge. This worked quite well until an injury forced him out of action and into depression.

Elliott Hulse uploaded his debut video on YouTube in 2007 showing where he was training people at his strength camp. He soon made his uploads more constant and garnered a huge followership. The site has been one of the top spots for fitness and bodybuilding with over 1,000,000 subscribers. The channel also inspires and talks to youths, providing a platform where he answers questions probing the hearts of many with over 360 million views. He won an award in 2015 as ‘YouTube Fan’s Favourite’.

During his inactive time after his injury, Hulse had time to meditate a lot. When he returned, he said he learned that there are four different types of strength which he tagged physical, psychological, energetic and presentable strength. Having begun making an income from Youtube, he soon moved his gym Strength Camp out of the warehouse in 2015 and it also birthed two companies which were ‘strength camp media’ and ‘strength camp international’. He started doing ‘grow stronger experience’ and Non-Job revolution in Europe and in the United States of America that same year.


Proving his prowess in the field, Elliott Hulse published his first book ‘The King: The Four Layer Approach to Becoming the Strongest Version of Yourself’ in 2016. In the same year, he started the ‘Grounding Camp’ project.

Net Worth

Having dabbled into a whole lot of things and proven his worth as a renowned strength and conditioning coach, a strongman, an Author, a social media celebrity, mentor, Holistic life coach and an inspiration to young people all over the world, Elliott makes about $100,000 from his youtube videos every year and he has a net worth estimated at $2 million.

Elliott Hulse Family – Wife

Elliott met and started dating his wife Collen when he was 14. Theirs was a long courtship which eventually saw them get married on August 18, 2002. Colleen was born November 26, 1979, and also trains and supports her husband’s dreams the best way she can not minding the negative comments she has received by his teeming fans some of who feel she needs to acquire better looks to better complement her hunk of a husband.

In response to the criticism, Hulse took to his wife’s defense saying he loves her just the way she is. So far, the couple has birthed four Children.


Elliott wasn’t really blessed with a huge height but he is on an average, he is 5 feet 5 inches tall and practically weighs 205- 215 lbs, in kilograms we could relate this to be 93 kg.

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