Elyse Willems Biography and Other Facts To Know About The Youtube Star

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It may not be very easy for a woman to make progress in a field usually dominated by males, but Elyse Willems has turned out successful not just for her humour but also her uniqueness and persona. Female video game streamers usually sexualize themselves to get money and views but that is a far cry from what Elyse does. Where her kind is being taken less seriously, she continues to stay genuine and gain prominence. She may not be the attention seeking kind but sure catches the attention of anyone who watches her.

All you ever need to know about her are provided herein.

Elyse Willems Biography

She was born on May 3, 1986, in Toronto, Canada as Elyse Sandercock. Information about her family or early life is unavailable. She did, however, obtain a Bachelor of Arts in Political Science and Government from the University of Toronto in 2009. Elyse is allegedly a polish having her root in Poland. Her Canadian nationality was probably as a result of her grandparents’ migration into the country.

Elyse is a part of the Rooster Teeth Family

She was a former member of the YouTube channel GameTrailers as a presenter up until November 2015 when she left the segment. After presenting a total of 79 episodes, she joined the comedy gaming channel, Funhaus (a subsidiary of Rooster Teeth productions) on December 9, 2015, as a producer and editor.

Known for her comic prowess, she has great wit and a decent humour which she employs to control the moment anytime. Elise is also skilled in wordplay and incredibly funny. Her humour, however, does not exceed the boundaries of the gaming culture.


Elyse Willems is the only female member of the group, yet, she seems to fit in perfectly. The other members include Adam Kovic, James Willems, Bruce Greene, Lawrence Sonntag, and Matt Peake. She is so good at impersonating bad celebrities and this has earned her some popularity. There is never a dull moment in her presence as she has a way of infiltrating every space with her wacky references, passion and fun-filled spirit.

Elyse can be found in Funhaus content and has made appearances on or put her voice to Red Vs. Blue, Hey Ash, Whatcha Playin’, Million Dollars, But’, Sex Swing: The Animated Series, Eleven Little Roosters, Geek & Sundry’s Escape Room, and YouTube Red limited series Squad Wars.

She is married and has been for some time.

Laughter is medicine to the soul. When two humoristic forces join together, there will surely be an explosion of laughter and happiness. And so has it been in the union of Elyse and her fellow Funhaus member, James Willems.


They met in the early 2000s through online chat rooms and would later reconnect on Facebook. They were able to build and foster a long distance relationship for four years. Their marriage was solemnized on September 11, 2011, at Eumundi Hidden Valley according to their wedding invite on YouTube. She appears on her husband’s YouTube and stream channels. The couple has a  cute dog which they named Benson.

Her husband is well versed in the gaming arena.

James Anthony Willems, Elyse’s hubby was born on April 6, 1984, in Charlotte, North Carolina, USA. Along with being a co-host, content producer, co-star, actor and voice actor at Funhaus, he is also a Twitch streamer and internet and YouTube personality. He worked with an affiliate of the Inside Gaming, Machinima.

He is known for Red vs. Blue (2003), Inside Gaming Animated (2014), and Creepy Text Theatre Animated (2015). James is a comic too and his comedic timing and ruthless game commentary earned him the title, “funny-man” of the group.

Elyse Willems is active on social media. 

She has quite a presence on most of the social media platforms and commands large followings. Her account has over 180k followers while her has more than 130k followers.

Did You Know? – Other Facts To Know About The Youtube Star

  • Her nickname is Wheezy.
  • Elyse is a muppet enthusiast.
  • She is a natural blonde.
  • Her right eyebrow is higher than her left one and she appreciates it when fan arts include the unique trait.
  • She is funny, beautiful, empowering, and true to herself.

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