Ethan Bradberry, Biography, Family Life, Affairs and Quick Facts

Quick Facts

Net WorthNot Known
SalaryNot Known
HeightNot Known
Date of BirthNot Known
ProfessionMedia Personalities

The world has experienced many ages since its inception – from the Stone Age to the Industrial Age and now, the Technological/Computer Age. The present age has made life so much easier for everyone, people can now dare to dream without the fear of having to face so many difficulties because the computer age has made it easier to sell oneself and make cool cash through social media platforms. Ambitious youngsters like Ethan Bradberry have done so, using the power of the social media to become instant celebrities and millionaires and many are still coming up with the same concept, following the foundations already laid.

Ethan Bradberry is popularly known for his popular MeMe method of introducing himself on YouTube. This social media personality is hugely known for his viral prank and social experiment videos. He gets at least two thousand views on every video he releases online which means his net worth must be a pretty impressive one but that information is sadly not available as he has done a good job at keeping his actual net worth and annual earnings a secret.

Ethan Bradberry’s Short Biography: Age, Ethnicity

Ethan Bradberry was born October 27, 1992, in Brooklyn, New York City, United States. His birth sign is Scorpio and he has two brothers – Moe Bradberry and Omar Bradberry – and also two sisters. The YouTube sensation is of Italian and French heritage and belongs to the white ethnicity. There’s no information about the school he attended or even graduated from. Money making is one hobby he has and he has done so (and is still doing so) very well through his proper use of the internet. In March 2014, he and Moe his brother created their YouTube channel known as MoeAndET. They are pranksters and together, they create all manner of pranks while they are known in the internet web space as “The Bradberry Brothers”. The Bradberry brothers also own a vlog called “MoeAndETVlogs.”

Family Life and Affairs

Ethan Bradberry is the eldest of five children as he has two elder brothers and two sisters. He and Moe Bradberry, his younger brother own a YouTube channel called MoeAndET. Moe is a writer and director of the channel which is responsible for posting domestic abuse and social experiment pranks. He was born on August 3, 1994. Although very close to each other, he and Ethan are different in a few things. Moe has a calmer personality and believes more in passion than money while his brother (Ethan) has a fiercer and meticulous personality and strongly believes in making lots of money off social media.

There is no record or detailed information about any other member of their family – father, mother and even sisters – just as there is not much information about any (past or present) affairs or relationships. He (Ethan Bradberry) seems to be solely focused on making as much money as he could get and is solely focused on that while avoiding the distraction of a relationship. But we will keep a tab on the development and Yours Sincerely will be keeping you updated on the situation of things, should there be a change in the relationship status of the YouTube star.

About His YouTube Channel

His channel’s – MoeAndET – first video was “Fighting Prank! – College Edition” which was about college fighting which went viral, earning the channel a lot of views and subscribers. The channel is mainly about pranks which can be seen anywhere else, but with Ethan’s strange personality, his prank videos are something very different from others that can be seen on YouTube. He has been described by many as a young man who is hateful and mischievous. The MoeAndET YouTube channel has quite a lot of videos that have gone viral including Asking Strangers For Food (Social Experiment) and Extreme Sitting On People Prank (Girls Edition). These videos gained the channel about 25 million views.


Other prank videos by Ethan include I’m Ethan Bradberry, How To Traumatize Your Children, The Freezing Homeless Child, Epic Yoga Pants Prank, Would Your Child Know How To Escape A House Fire!?, etc. His channel, MoeAndET (co-owned by his younger brother, Moe) has more than 2 million subscribers who want to have a view of the prank videos and social experiments served on the channel. Ethan is a friend of SofloAntonio and makes video collaborations with him but shares a long time rivalry with fellow YouTuber, Ethan Klein who is frequently against his content and considers them irresponsible and harmful to younger viewers.

Quick Facts About Ethan Bradberry

  • Ethan Bradberry has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.
  • He loves roasted meat.
  • He is among the fastest growing social media personalities because fellow YouTubers are always picking in on what he’s up to in order to make videos of him to get more views.
  • Ethan and his brother created a second YouTube channel known as MoeAndETvlogs.
  • His sexual orientation is straight but details about his girlfriend remain unknown.
  • As for his height, Ethan is 5ft 8in tall with black hair and light brown eyes.
  • His favourite colour is violet.
  • He seems to be a perfectionist as his videos are always organized and well planned.

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