Everything To Know About Evgenia Medvedeva – The Russian Figure Skater

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Figure skating was the first winter sport included in the Olympics in 1908. It is a sport which involves individuals or groups performing fascinating moves on a figure skate. Only a few athletes are good at this art and even fewer can be said to be exceptional. One of such is Evgenia Medvedeva.

For her attainments in this sport, the Russia-born skating talent was nominated for the Women’s Sports Foundation Award under the Sportswomen of the Year category; this was in 2017. In addition to that, Evgenia has been awarded the Silver DOE of Russia and she got crowned as an Honored Master of Sports of Russia in 2016. Learn more about her below…

Who Is Evgenia Medvedeva?

Evgenia Armanovna Medvedeva is the renowned Russian figure skating idol. Her figure skating skills are way out of this world. Her exceptional ability to combine athleticism with the artistry of a ballerina is impressive. She is a two-time Olympic silver medalist and has also proudly bagged skating titles such as World champion, European champion, Grand Prix Final champion, and Russian national champion. That’s one too many accolades. Evgenia was born in Moscow, Russia on November 19, 1999. She currently resides in Toronto, Canada. The youngster took after her mother Zhanna Devyatova who was formerly a figure skater but quit at the age of 14.


Initially, Evgenia’s parents wanted her to practice the sports because they thought she needed more exercise to help improve her figure. She began her roll on the ice when she was only three years old. She was trained by Elena Proskurina, LubovYakovleva and Elena Selivanova. She enrolled in the Olympic Reserve Sports School in 2008 but her senior national debut was at the 2012 Russian Championship where she finished in 8th place. Her first game of 2014 JGP season was in Courchevel, France where she won a gold medal. Evegenia has featured in several other figure skating championships and tournaments sweeping off every trophy with each appearance including world and European titles. Hers has been a jolly success ride.

What’s Her Net Worth?

When it comes to money, no one has the exact estimates of Evgenia’s bank statements. The young figure skater has done quite well for herself and we expect that it reflects in her finances. After all, SportsPro included her in the list of 50 Most Marketable Athletes in 2017. She also appeared as one of the most successful young people in Europe on Forbes 30 under 30 Europe list of 2017.

Evgenia has several sponsors and endorsements at her disposal. John Wilson manufactures her Gold Seal blade. Edea is responsible for her skating boots while the famous American multinational corporation Nike produces her other foot wears. She is currently the brand ambassador for Pantene. This skating star must be having a swell time at the top.

Evgenia Medvedeva’s Love Life

As expected most people are inquisitive about the love life of the skating star. That’s does not come as a surprise. Everyone loves love stories and when it is about a public figure it becomes more intriguing. Sadly, there is no juicy tale on this lane. Evgenia has never thrown any hint on her personal life or love interests. We do not have any information on her crush, boyfriend or even her friends. All efforts by the media to milk out any form of gossip has proved abortive.

Evgenia Medvedeva seems to be solely immersed in her career. With her new coach Brain Oscar on board, it has been all work, work, and even more work. They are currently focused on improving her stroking technique, her connection with the ice and her health. Medvedeva says she does not even have time to look around or talk to anyone. Well, all those awards and medals must come at a good price. However, it would hurt nobody if our ice queen slows it down and gives room for some magical fairytale in her life.


Height and Body Stats

Evgeni Medvedev is a beauty that stands out in the crowd. She may be an athlete but her entire personality radiates an alluring aura of femininity. Evgenia is a tasty combo of beauty and skills and is 1.59 m (5 ft 3 in) tall. She has a silky brunette hair and a skin glows that’s like the color of almond. Her lovely brown eyes would charm any passer-by. Needless to say, Evgeni Medvedev is the perfect image of a queen. Yes! She is a queen, an ice queen who effortlessly has her fans drooling over her.

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